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As soon as it’s possible, you promised yourself that you’d buy a ticket to Seoul, track down Park Seo-Joon, make him fall in love with you, and then live happily ever after. In the meantime, you can prep for destiny by getting a head-turning look worthy of a K-drama lead. If you're wondering which haircuts are popular in Korea in 2024, check out these trendy .

Korean Haircuts You Can Try

Celebrities have given us loads of ideas for Korean haircuts for women. In this list, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you, no matter how long your hair is.

1. Layered Locks: Keep It Long

What better place to start this list of Korean haircuts than with a cut inspired by a PSJ’s leading lady? Park Minyoung’s face-flattering layers are a step up from plain old straight hair, adding volume to long locks and creating movement.

If you’re iffy about doing anything too drastic, then a layered cut is for you: It gives you a fresh new look without sacrificing too much length. It’s versatile, so you can straighten it, curl it, or tie it up whenever you feel like changing your look. In the hands of a skilled stylist, a layered cut also has the added advantage of softening your .

Keep in mind, though, that a layered cut may be harder to maintain than hair that is all one length. You can keep your layers in place with flyaway-taming hair products like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, which can keep for up to 72 hours.

2. Bob with Full Bangs: Go Super Sophisticated

In the hierarchy of runway-ready hairstyles, the lies solidly at the top of the Korean short hair list. A sleek, is très chic and also très flattering as it highlights your jawline while the full fringe adds polish and mystery. One girl who really knows how to rock the sexy-sophisticated bob-and-bangs pairing? Blackpink’s Lisa.

Before rushing out to get your hair chopped, take note that bangs: 1) can be annoying because they do get in your eyes and stick to your forehead on hot days, 2) need to be trimmed every couple of weeks, and 3) require extra care with some frizz-taming products like Cream Silk’s Standout Straight Conditioner and a bit of styling. If you’re undaunted by these caveats, then talk to your stylist about the most flattering cut for you—not all bangs are created equal and some lengths work better with specific face shapes.

2: Curtain Bangs: Frame Your Features

If a full fringe is a little too severe for you, then go for wispier a la Song Hye Kyo.

Wispy bangs look more delicate than full bangs, framing your face while allowing glimpses of your forehead. On days when you want to shake up your look a bit, just sweep these bangs to the side.

4: Tapered Bob with Wispy Bangs: Go Low-Maintenance

If you’re a get-up-and-go kind of girl, then you’d appreciate this haircut, as seen on Start Up’s Bae Suzy.

The tapered bob with side-swept bangs frames your features, defines your cheekbones, and is a cinch to maintain. It works beautifully with straight hair, but if yours isn’t , don’t sweat—just use products to help you get the coveted texture like Dove’s Straight & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner then spend just a few minutes with a hairdryer or iron. The short length means you don’t have to spend a ton of time styling it.

5. Pixie Cut: Make a Big Change

Take a load of weight off your shoulders—and your head—with a Korean . Although a pixie cut is considered a "tomboy" haircut or a women's boyish haircut, you can totally style it to be more feminine. If you think this haircut is just one-note and won’t give you a lot of styling options, think again—Go Joon Hee shows us that you can get that charming look.

Make sure you have a like TRESemmé’s Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold in your stash to keep your slicked-back styles in place.

6. Soft Waves: Shift Easily from Day to Night

A hairstyle that can do it all, long, this all-arounder can look just as incredible during a casual stroll as it does during an elegant evening affair. FYI, it's the perfect beach hair, too. Take it from Han So-hee who wears this 'do like the rent is due.

You can do this using hot tools (such as a hair iron or hot curlers) or with just a few common hair items. The key is to get that "I-woke-up-like-this" effect. This style can work well for a variety of .

7. Tousled Locks: Keep It Casual

As far as Korean haircuts go, this one invites you to embrace your natural hair texture just like Squid Game's Jung HoYeon. A messy hairstyle to complement your normcore style, this tousled look shows off an effortless bedhead effect.

Best on shorter hair lengths, use a strong hairspray like TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray to give your hair volume and to keep the style in place. Remember, there's a difference between artfully and, well, a mess.

8. Blunt Bob: Chic and Sleek

A timeless haircut that teeters between carefree and sophisticated, a blunt a la It's Okay to Not Be Okay star Seo Yea-ji is easy to style and maintain. Use Dove Straight & Silky Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo to tame wayward strands and keep the hair sleek and smooth.

While this Korean haircut can work with a variety of lengths, keeping it at chin level will help frame your face and highlight your jawline.

9. Baby Bangs: Style It Up

Super-short, blunt bangs is a style made famous by Return of Superman toddler Choo Sarang and replicated by Korean idols male and female. It's not the easiest of Korean haircuts to pull off, but if you dare, follow Luna's. The f(x) singer softened the look by keeping the bangs wispy and the length comfortably above the eyebrows.

10. Hershey Cut: Keep It Sweet

Consider this the t of the 21st Century. A cross between a mullet and a wolf cut, the Hershey cut looks more natural and effortless. Red Velvet's Wendy opts to keep her hair at a shoulder-length, giving it that nice, casual curl at the end.

You can keep dreaming about your favorite oppa, but you have to admit, these Korean haircuts are also the stuff of daydreams—and they’re much easier to turn into reality!