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Round-faced gals have it all – they can go from cute to smoldering just by changing their hairdo. If you’re one of them, you probably still look as young as you did 10 years ago! However, finding flattering hairstyles for round faces can be tricky. When you’re ready to change your look, check out these hair recommendations to enhance your delicate features.

Textured Bob with Wispy Bangs

Many people stay away from the bob and bangs combo because they don’t want to look like, er, Dora the Explorer. But hear us out! The fine line between rockstar chic and awkward lies in the textures. Selena Gomez is proof that the bob is one of the best haircuts for round faces.

Cutting the hair below the chin casts the eyes downward and draws attention from the fullness of your face. The soft waves also balance out the cheekbones and the jawline, while wispy bangs make the face look slimmer without making it look shorter.

Butterfly Cut

If you’ve spent enough time on #HairTok, the butterfly cut needs no introduction. It’s the long-lost sister of the ‘70s layer shaggy hairstyle but with a softer silhouette that works well on round faces. The shortest layers end a few centimeters above the chin (sometimes even higher), framing the forehead and cheeks. Meanwhile, the longer layers create an ethereal U shape, which looks stunning when styled with a round brush and .

Make the most of this cut by bringing out your hair’s natural shine and smoothness with Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance Shampoo. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair, while the sweet cherry blossom scent keeps it fresh all day.

Pixie Cut

Want to go really short? The pixie cut is one of the most highly requested hairstyles for round faces because it looks cool yet feminine. Just look at Michelle Williams and Iya Villania, who love their crop cut. The key is to avoid over-texturizing the hair, which can make a face appear wide. Ask your hairstylist to leave the top part longer so it creates the illusion of a more oblong face.

But why stop at haircut? Jazz up your new do with caramel hair highlights to add more volume and depth. The highlights will even look like a balayage when you grow your hair out. 

Bonus tip: You can turn a into a “mixie” or mullet pixie by trimming only the side and crown of your hair.

Asymmetrical Lob

Self-proclaimed fashionistas who want a one-of-a-kind hairstyle, this one is for you. The asymmetrical lob has become a favorite among Hollywood stars like RiRi and Kim Kardashian. There are two variations to this . You can either have the front pieces longer than the back to make your jawline more defined or shorten one side of the hair to bring on the drama. Go as subtle or extra as you want!

Half Updo with Korean Side Bangs

This hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. You can dress it up with like a headband or go casual with a scrunchie. The tight half updo pulls the face upwards, sculpting your cheekbones. And the S-shaped swoop of Korean bangs slims the face without covering your best asset: plump cheeks!

Create a tangle-free and smooth ‘do by washing your hair with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo before styling. Doing this gives you a sleek look without a hair straightener. On the other hand, you can mess it up by rubbing a little bit of pomade on the ends for an edgy vibe.

Long Loose Waves With Root Perm

Hairstyles for round faces should elongate your cranial top, and your roots does just that. The technique lifts and volumizes the base of your hair and is less damaging than most treatments.

As for the rest of your hair, create loose, soft waves with a curling iron to match the fullness at the upper half of the head. Curl outwards right under your cheekbones. Doing this will conceal the extra space around your cheeks and make your neck look longer.

Medium Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs

If OG cool girl Alexa Chung can stay committed to this one hairstyle for years, then you know it’s worth the try. The shag gives movement to the hair and surprisingly takes very little effort to style. The complement round faces by covering the width of your cheeks and forehead, making your face look more angular. Another bonus: the fringe won’t poke your eyes. It's a win-win!

Messy Top Knots

On lazy days, put your hair in a and do your errands in style. It keeps your tresses in place while lengthening the face. Leave some loose tendrils at the front to have that vibe. If you have , use a donut bun maker and texturizing spray to boost volume.

Sleek Ponytail with Deep Side Part

Eleganza extravaganza is what you’ll be serving with a high pony and side bangs. Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande adore this hairstyle because it gives you a snatched bone structure in an instant.

The tight ponytail lifts the temples and jowls, while the deep side part creates a diagonal line. It accentuates the sharpness of your cheekbones and minimizes unwanted fullness around the face. With the help of hair gel, strong hair ties, and bobby pins, you can recreate this iconic hairstyle. Want a more ? Flip the ends of your ponytail!

’90s Layers

Topanga from Boy Meets World gave us major hair envy with her bouncy ’90s layers. This bombshell haircut never goes out of style because it suits every face shape, especially round ones. Minimal layers on the ends help make the . Since the volume is mostly on the lower part of the hair, it casts the focus downwards and away from the width of your face. Try it and live out your supermodel dreams!

Forget what you know about avoiding this or that because of your plump cheeks. Take cues from these hairstyles for round faces and play around with angles and textures to achieve your best look yet.