A portrait of woman with messy long hair.

People have a lot of opinions on when to trim hair. Some swear by a strict monthly schedule, while others wait a year (sometimes more) for a snip. Most hair experts say six to eight weeks is the sweet spot, but do you need to stick to this timeframe? Are there other rules to consider?

There are no strict schedules for getting trims. The frequency will vary based on factors, like your desired hair length and the condition of your locks. If you want to keep your hair looking its best, follow this guide.

When to Trim Short Hair

Regular haircuts are a must for those with a . Typically, hair grows about one and a half centimeters per month, which means the best time to prune it would be every four weeks. Some short hairstyles, like the and variations of , do require more upkeep. In this case, you should have it cut every three weeks to keep it looking tight.

When to Trim Medium-to-Long Hair 

Having long hair gives you more wiggle room when it comes to trimming. Since the ends fall anywhere between the shoulders and chest area, you have more flexibility. Hairstyles of this length should be lopped off at six to 10-week intervals. However, you may need to refresh any in between appointments.

When to Trim Textured Hair

It’s a myth that growth rate is slower than straight hair. It's just less apparent when hair is longer because of coiling strands. Hence, it may feel like it takes forever to gain inches.

The challenge with curls is that they tend to become and as they get longer – a phenomenon known as the “triangle effect.” As such, the golden rule for textured locks is to trim hair every 12 weeks. Also, use Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo to make your curls five times smoother and tangle-free.

Should I Cut My Hair If I Want to Grow It Out?

The idea of trimming your strands when you’re seems counterintuitive, but it actually makes way for longer, healthier strands. Waiting too long between cuts can lead to hair breakage, which means you'll end up having to cut off much more than you’d like the next time you sit on a salon chair.

If you don’t want to remove too much length, the best approach is to schedule trims every three to four months, especially if your hair gets dry at the tips. To help nourish your locks as they grow, try Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo. It has biotin and aloe vera for 3x stronger and thicker-looking hair.

Signs You Need to Trim Hair ASAP

There can be exceptions to these hair-trimming rules. Generally speaking, you can stretch the schedule as long as you want if your strands are in good shape. However, you’re past due for a cut if your hair:

  • Is difficult to comb through
  • Feels rough to the touch
  • Has frayed ends that look thinner and lighter in color than the rest of the hair
  • Lacks elasticity (breaks off easily)
  • Falls flat even after heat styling

Sadly, you can’t repair damaged hair. The only way to prevent further damage is by chopping off the dead parts. So, note for your future self that it’s crucial to trim hair routinely before it needs saving.