A woman in a bikini with long hair and an undercut

Want an undercut but worried it would make you seem less feminine? These edgy and feminine undercuts for girls will give you the best of both worlds. Style them however you want and rock them to suit your hair type and personal style.

A Colored Pixie Cut if You Have Fine Hair and Want to Experiment

A pixie cut is one short hairstyle that is still extremely feminine. Adding an undercut on the sides of the head not only just gives it an edge but also allows for more styling possibilities. You can wear the pixie textured and with , as in the photo, or as a fauxhawk using a matte wax. Adding a soft, fun tint to the hair keeps it girly yet cool.

In case you were wondering what face shape is best for an undercut, the answer is simple: there is no such thing. A good stylist can tailor your haircut to your suit your facial features and make it flattering on you.

Short and Versatile for Straight Hair That You Love Styling

Having a with a side undercut means being able to change styles with the flip of a switch — or the head. Keeping it this length, whether it’s a bob or a longer pixie cut, makes it easy to go from proper to party; cool girl to girl-next-door. Keep the hair sleek and shiny for maximum impact with Sunsilk Expert Perfect Straight Shampoo. It has Straight Lock technology that keeps hair straight as it dries, making your cut truly wash-and-wear.

Blonde and Braided for Curly Hair That You Can Play Around With

Take it from the queen of — taking blonde dreadlocks to a glam night out is totally possible. This undercut goes around the lower half of the head and up the sides, and you can wear it with or without dreads, too. Wear your undercut for curly hair down when you want to keep it simple; wear it up when you feel like shocking people.

For chemically treated hair that’s frequently subjected to styling, use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair and Shine Ultra Treatment Wrap to strengthen hair while getting rid of frizz and loading it up with lots of shine. 

Long and Sultry for Wavy Hair if You Enjoy Glam Styles

Singer Rihanna knows how to rock a sultry, hidden undercut for long hair — and rocked it before it was cool, too. Sporting a tiny, shaved portion on the side of her head, she adds instant cool to an otherwise glamorous but quite regular style. If you’re intimidated by the undercut, start with this easy undercut for women to get a feel of it. For lots of volume, use Dove Nourishing Secrets Thickening Ritual Shampoo, with lavender oil and rosemary extracts that boost body and bounce.

Undercuts for girls can create a head-turning look. Try these easy undercut hairstyles that can go from edgy to feminine and cool to glam in a snap.