Asian woman getting a haircut from an Asian hair stylist

Jumping from one hair stylist to another can be a stressful experience. Not only will you need to explain your entire hair-story again, but you’ll also need to accept that there’s a 50% chance that they will not get it. However, finding a stylist that understands your hair’s needs is no easy task, so we often wing it and take whoever is available. Here are some reasons why you should persevere.

They Know How Your Hair Reacts

Having a go-to hair stylist has plenty of benefits. Among them is having someone who has seen your hair at its worst and best, wet and dry, straight and curly, fried and healthy. They no longer give you that look of shock when you first sit on the chair. They know what your hair has been through (and the crazy things you’re inclined to do with it).

They know how your hair will react to a specific cut, treatment, or color. They won’t give you anything that only looks good after a professional blow-dry. Because they know your hair, they can tell if a cut will look good even if you don’t style it.

They’ll Remember Your Last Haircut

Imagine getting the most amazing of your life and not being able to replicate it two months later. It is a common scenario among those who go to different hair stylists. You can’t blame them because sometimes, budget, location, and availability get in the way. But if you’re doing this, you need to learn not to expect the same results you had with another stylist. If you want your look to be more long-term, your regular, go-to stylist can recreate it at your request.

They Will Recommend Treatments You Need

Let’s face it, some hair stylists can be pushy. They can hurt your feelings with words like, “Ay ang dry ng buhok mo! ” or make you feel guilty by saying, “ ” It’s usually part of a spiel that, ideally, would convince you to upgrade your treatment or buy their products. True, it’s part of their job, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it puts a lot of pressure on the customer.

Your go-to hair stylist knows you and your hair well enough, so they will only try to upsell when your hair and new look require it. There’s a mutual consideration in the relationship and a level of comfort that makes communicating — that is, saying yes or no — much easier.

For example, a good stylist will tell you if your is starting to get brassy. They might suggest a bit of retouching or treatment to revive the shade to its original vibrance. In between salon visits, you can use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Conditioner. These deposit pigment between your hair cuticles to keep the color looking fresh.

They’re a Comforting Presence

Trusting someone with your crowning glory can be challenging, which is why a go-to hair stylist is a comforting presence. It’s not easy to find one, but once you do, you're likely assured of good hair from then on.