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Forget everything you know about the shag haircut — it’s back and it’s cooler than ever. The original shag haircut is attributed to hairdresser Paul McGregor. He created it in the ‘70s for Jane Fonda who sported a choppy and feathered version of the hairstyle in her film Klute. It rose to popularity and became one of the most iconic hair trends of the decade. 

Likewise, the modern shag cut is one of the most Instagrammed styles of the past couple of years. Worn by Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Halsey, and Kristen Stewart, it’s a versatile haircut that suits any face shape or hair type. Here are 5 ways it can make anyone look good.

You Can Tailor It to Suit Your Face

The best thing about the shag haircut is it’s customizable. With this layered hairstyle, there are no fixed measurements and lengths. You can ask your stylist to shape the bangs to frame your face. You can have shorter layers right above the cheekbone to accentuate the eyes. You can add more height at the crown to elongate your neck and look taller. It’s adaptable to short and long hair, curly and straight.

It’s Great for Shaping Curly Hair

If you find your natural curls a bit unruly, try getting a shag haircut to give it a more defined shape. Layering curls helps make them more manageable, as the hair naturally falls into place following the shape of the cut. It’s an excellent way to give curly hair a fresh, bouncy look because it takes some weight off the ends. As a bonus, you get some gorgeous fringe, too. 

It Lends Volume to Thinning Hair

as we age. The rate of hair growth slows down, and strands become thinner and light-colored. Therefore, the shag haircut is the look of choice among mature women who like longer hair. The shag has loads of layers that give it volume and texture, which helps make the hair look like it has more body. You can also ask your stylist to cut the layers so that they accentuate your cheekbones and cover fine lines on the forehead.

To add even more volume to your shaggy cut, use Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Volume and Bounty Shampoo. This sulfate-free, volumizing shampoo is   to rejuvenate and hydrate fine hair. It’s scented with the Moroccan mimosa flower that lingers in your hair so it smells like a tropical rainforest.

It Grows Out Nicely

Some hairstyles can be a pain to grow out (cough—pixie—cough), but not this one. A good shag haircut, whatever length it starts from, grows out nicely. Today’s shaggy mullet can grow into a sexy shaggy bob in three months, and a full-on ‘70s shag in eight. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that is perfect for those who can’t get a trim every month or those who want to grow out their hair in style. 

You Don’t Even Have to Style It

Even if you’re completely clueless about styling your own hair, you’re guaranteed to pull off this cute ‘do. Anyway, the whole idea behind it is about rebelling against the norm, so trying to style every strand into place is a bit counterintuitive. This is why rockstars like Patti Smith and Debbie Harry embraced this style: it’s cool and looks even better when grungy.

For a smooth and shiny shag haircut even without styling, use Vitakeratin Brazilian Straight Hair Treatment regularly. This intensive treatment has , which helps reduce frizz and hydrate the strands from root to tip.

Want to join the shag haircut trend but not sure if it’ll suit you? Don’t worry, this versatile cut is adaptable to different hair types and customizable to different face shapes. Now go on and rock it like Patti, Debbie, Billie, and Miley!