Asian women smiling for a photo with cute headbands and retro outfits on.

Glittery disco, slick Motown, progressive rock, cool bohemian, and punk rock looks characterized '70s fashion. This era – dripping with glamor and confidence – was a terrific source of fashion and hairspiration, even for current style icons and fashionistas.

Whether you want to channel a "dancing queen" or a carefree hippie, take ideas from the decade's chic fashion trends. Bring retro vogue back by donning hairstyles from the period that will never go out of style. Take note of these iconic '70s hairstyles for your next .

Free-flowing Long Hair

Ultimate style icon Cher dazzled the public with her creative and experimental looks. Yet no matter how outlandish her outfits went, her provided both drama and carefree quality.

Actress Ali MacGraw also sported the same iconic 70s-style, center-parted locks, which clearly stood out in Love Story.

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Bouncy Layers and Curtain Bangs

Farrah Fawcett’s feather haircut is seeing a revival thanks to Gen Z style stars on TikTok. Yet it’s no secret that the original Charlie’s Angels star was well-known for her fluffy and bouncy tresses. She's also the OG style inspiration of the trend we know today as .

Fluffy Curls

Here’s a great hairspo for : Queen of Disco Donna Summer’s glorious curls. Her hair struck the right balance between fluffy and glamorous. It was a statement piece on its own that immediately commanded attention. No wonder she became an iconic style inspiration for many who loved her, even decades later.

Shag Mullet

Jane Fonda's shag mullet may be one of the most contentious hairstyles out there, and not everyone can pull it off. In previous years, the mullet has an unflattering rep, but celebrities with modern takes on the shag mullet, such as Billie Eilish, Zendaya, or Miley Cyrus, have us rethinking our stance. Done right, it can look chic with just the right edge.

Wavy Hair and Messy Bangs

No one captured flower power quite like Stevie Nicks back in the day. A '70s fashion icon, the Fleetwood Mac singer wore gorgeous, wavy hair and messy bangs that had an effortless-woke-up-like-this vibe.

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Turn back time with these hairstyles, best paired with ’70s fashion. Take these inspirations from the past to get that groovy look you’ve always wanted.