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Tech and beauty are two industries that have always been intertwined. Since ancient times, beauty has been linked to innovation – from creating stone tools to grind azurite for makeup to extracting minerals from limestone caves to formulate brightening creams. The industry has come a long way since, now using advanced AI technology to provide better products, services, and experiences to consumers.

AI Technology Meets Beauty

One company leading the pack in the Philippines is Unilever, which is launching BeautyHub PRO – your next beauty BFF! This nifty, AI-powered diagnostics tool is like a beauty expert in your pocket, providing practical and accessible advice so you can achieve your beauty goals.

Whereas artificial intelligence was previously used to gather customer data based on browsing patterns or recent purchases, BeautyHub PRO processes the information to recommend a beauty regimen that best addresses your needs. While its predecessor diagnoses skin issues, BeautyHub PRO covers skin and hair, a development that's just starting to catch on internationally.

In this instance, utilizing AI technology allows Unilever to reimagine traditional beauty services completely. Apart from diagnostics, this includes product recommendation, purchasing, and customer service. The future of AI beauty goes beyond cyborg-like filters and avatars. Right now, it optimizes everyday experiences through applications that consumers can use anywhere, anytime. 

Achieve Your Beauty Goals With BeautyHub PRO

BeautyHub PRO, through AI technology, offers next-level personalization in terms of beauty regimen creation and product matching. The ultimate goal? To give you, the consumer, your best hair and skin yet – all based on your goals.

It doesn’t push – like attempt to or your hair straighter – if that’s not what you want. Instead, it considers your thoughts (like a true BFF!) and takes it from there.

Simply visit the website on your phone or desktop and click on the BeautyHub PRO tab on the homepage menu. How does it work? It all starts with a selfie that can help the technology assess your skin or hair’s condition, recommend products, and propose a beauty regimen to help you achieve your goals.

Take a photo with your device and upload it to the application. To help achieve accurate, personalized results, select up to three skin goals, such as refining pores, enhancing radiance, and improving skin tone. A second tier allows you to add hair concerns, such as hair definition and damage repair.

BeautyHub PRO then analyzes your selfie to calculate your hair and skin score vis-à-vis your beauty goals. It also recommends a customized range of Unilever Beauty & Well-being products that can help elevate your beauty routine, which you can directly purchase through partner e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, and Watsons.

Different Uses for BeautyHub PRO

BeautyHub PRO is not just for one-time use. The app stores your information (with your consent, of course), so you can come back, review your beauty scores, and upload new selfies to check for improvements. Here are some ways you can use this AI-powered beauty tool.

To get instant beauty diagnostics.

Start the year with a brand-new beauty regimen tailored to your needs and goals. The best part? You don’t need to set foot outside your house to do it! BeautyHub PRO gives you access to a personalized regimen with just a few clicks.

As a progress tracker for your beauty goals.

Because your beauty scores are stored on the app, you can use them to track your beauty goals. Set your milestones and (reasonable) deadlines, so you can occasionally check how you’re doing. Don’t worry if it’s not happening as quickly as you would like – these things take time, and the pace is different for everyone.

As a haircare and skincare regimen diary.

Have you already forgotten what moisturizer made your skin glow in 2021? Use BeautyHub PRO as a haircare and skincare regimen diary. It automatically saves your recommendations and purchases, so you always have a complete list of what you tried and when you used them.

For product discovery.

Make the most of BeautyHub PRO by learning more about the different Unilever products that come up with your various beauty goals. No one is grading – or judging! – you for your hair and skin objectives so feel free to input whatever you feel like exploring. 

Just for fun!

Finally, just have fun with it! While you should take your beauty goals seriously, go ahead and give in to curiosity. Explore AI technology and use BeautyHub PRO to get to know your hair and skin better. Ready to begin? Visit .