Jenna Rink and Laura Jean Covey

Is Valentine’s Day date night your one excuse to get glammed up and serve looks? Join the club! Whether it’s with your significant other, your gals, or the fam, this fun night out calls for a hairstyle that’s one for the books. If you’re out of ideas, why not take inspiration from classic romantic comedies? Experiment with these memorable looks from your favorite rom-com heroines: 

13 Going on 30

Go full and try Jennifer Garner’s memorable night-out look in 13 Going on 30. Glam in the front but a party in the back, this hairstyle is all about fun. It may seem elaborate, but it’s actually just a with loose strands poking out, strategically positioned with . One hundred percent doable, don’t you think? Now if only you had a Versace dress on hand, too...

Miss Congeniality

This scene went down in “makeover reveal” history as one unforgettable wow moment. It’s right up there with Rachel Leigh Cook taking off her glasses in She’s All That, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s look at the hair. It’s a simple, easy blowout, but it packs a huge punch because it’s got body, movement, and lots of volume. This no-fuss look might be just what you need to make date night a success.

Romeo + Juliet

All hail the half-pony. Anyone who wasn’t already wearing it back in the ‘90s sure got around to rocking the look after seeing Romeo + Juliet. It’s the perfect look for a romantic evening: hair down but away from the face, with soft tendrils that he can gently caress away. Let’s just hope your date goes better than the one these two had.

10 Things I Hate About You

Fancy yourself a cool girlfriend? Then style your hair like one! Dress up your curly locks (or curl them especially for the occasion, whatever) like Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. You don’t even have to use styling tools. Straight out of the shower, take a defining spray like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold, spritz all over your hair avoiding the roots. Twist your hair up from the nape of your neck and clamp it with a butterfly clip. Don’t forget to work some extra eye rolls to complete the look.

Crazy Rich Asians

If making an entrance is your thing, look no further. This hairstyle on Constance Wu in Crazy Rich Asians would serve you well. Don’t worry about not having any updo skills — you can try pulling off just half the look by wearing a nice, embellished headband instead of a tiara. That should impress any future mother-in-law (along with a breadbasket, maybe).

There’s Something About Mary

No, we don’t mean THAT hairdo. If you could get past the memory of that infamous hair faux pas, you’d see that Cameron Diaz actually wore a lot of inspirational hairstyles in There’s Something About Mary. This is supreme though. It's fresh, youthful, fun, and best of all, wash-and-wear. If you’re thinking of getting a chop, now’s the time to do it to give your hair some time to adjust before your Valentine's date night.


Uma Thurman in anything will always serve iconic looks — even in the underrated movie Paycheck, which isn’t technically a rom-com but is romantic at its core. Thurman, as usual, is a vision, this time in a choppy, cyberpunk bob with . It's another easy hairstyle to wear and maintain. The best part is it would pop even on Zoom.


Eva Mendes in Hitch is a celebration of . Anyone with thick hair knows how difficult it is to keep it under control. It’s also known to have a mind of its own. This is why this look is such a victory. It’s clean and sleek yet soft, flirty, and still voluminous at once. To achieve the look for date night, you’ll need lots of hairpins to push up the front of the hair and give it volume, as well as to put the half-updo in place.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Even if you’re not a teenage girl, you can still take inspiration from Lara Jean’s (played by Lana Condor) adorable girl-next-door looks. This one, in particular, is master class in conveying a combination of sexy and cute (to steal Steve Carell’s line from Crazy, Stupid, Love). Pink jacket for modestly? Check. Low-cut dress to confuse the boys? Check. No-nonsense ? Check. Flirtatious Twilly scarf as a hair accessory? Check. The best part? You can whip this ‘do up in three minutes.

Running out of date night hair ideas? Take these hairstyles inspired by classic romcoms for a spin. Practice doing them a few weeks before Valentine’s Day to perfect the look, or simply to have more fun with your everyday ‘do.