A collage of women sporting braided hairstyles.

There’s no shortage of braided hairstyles to choose from. From the humble three-strand plait your mama did on you, to the whimsical weaves you see on the red carpet, braids always tend to be the main attraction. Want to add an elegant twist to the look? We’ve rounded up a list of different braid styles you can wear anywhere, from a to a casual Sunday brunch with friends.

Waterfall Braid

Anyone who scrolled through Pinterest back in 2014 would have come across the waterfall braid — cascading strands that add a touch of fairy-tale charm to your OOTD.

This is one of the easiest braided hairstyles. You want to start from the side of your head and take three pieces of hair. Then, braid sideways but let sections of hair fall as you go, creating the “waterfall” effect. Keep going until you reach the desired length or until the braid reaches the back of your head. Pro tip: For extra hold, you can use a bit of texturizing spray or hairspray.

Braided Space Buns

Subtly show your love for sci-fi with this Princess Leia-inspired braided hairstyle. Make two pigtails and plait each one with a simple three-strand technique. Secure with hair elastics and pull the loops to fluff up the braids.

Here comes the fun: creating the cinnamon buns! Take one braided section and twist it into a bun. Repeat with the other braided section to create a second bun. Now you’re ready to channel space royalty.

Twist Braid Ponytail

If the word “boring” has no place in your lookbook, then the twisted ponytail is your match. Beyoncé and the Kardashians have rocked this hairdo on many occasions, so it’s safe to say it’s .

This hairstyle has two crucial elements: a twist braid and a . Start by tying all your hair back. Once the base is complete, split the hair into two sections and twist each one towards the back of your head. Now wrap them together until it looks like a rope. Finally, secure the ends with a clear elastic. All that’s left to do is with full sass.

Half-Up French Braid

If a full-on French braid intimidates you, the half-up version may be easier to replicate. To start, part your hair down the middle and divide a small section at the crown into three parts. French braid by crossing the outer strands over the middle, adding more hair as you go. When you reach your ear, switch to a traditional braid until the end. Repeat on the other side. Do the same steps on the other side.

When you have two braids, tie them together at the back of your head with an elastic. Take out a few tendrils to frame your face as a finishing touch. Accessorize with floral pins or tuck a few flowers in.

Double Dutch Braid Bun

We’re officially moving to the advanced braided hairstyles. The double Dutch braid bun takes a simple updo to a new level. It’s the perfect crowd-pleaser when you have less than ten minutes to prepare for a romantic dinner or a . The best part? It holds its shape even on the hottest summer day.

Start with the middle part and take a small section of hair from the side of your face. Divide it into three strands. Weave each piece under, not over, each other. This will give your braid that popping-out effect. As you continue braiding, incorporate more hair. Once both sides are complete, gather the remaining loose hair from both sides into a ponytail and make a low bun.

Halo Braid

The halo braid is one of the most ethereal braided hairstyles. This heavenly look creates a crown-like effect, encircling your head with intricate plaits. And contrary to popular belief, this style is absolutely doable even for braiding newbs.

Take a small section of hair near your hairline on one side and begin your braid. Following your hairline, continue adding sections of hair from the outer edges as you work your way around your head. Tie the braid and tuck the ends with bobby pins.

Side Fishtail Braid

Kick things up a notch with a fishtail braid, an elaborate woven look that will turn heads everywhere. Trust us when we say it only looks complicated. Once you have a handle on the pattern, it will only take a few minutes to get it done.

Creating a fishtail braid is like doing a regular braid but with two strands instead of three. Divide your hair into two sections and start taking a strand from one side and crossing it over to the other side. Remember to pull tight before repeating the same steps in the other section. Keep alternating sides until you reach the end. Tug on random sections after completing the braid to add more volume and texture. The messier, the better!

These hairstyles are much easier to do with smooth and soft hair. Prep your locks by washing them with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo, formulated with five flower essences to leave your locks five times smoother. Follow with Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Long and Luscious Conditioner with , rosehip, and marula oil to strengthen and moisturize your hair — no flat irons required!

Whenever you need a break from good old messy buns, go for one of these braided hairstyles. It may take some practice to master all of them, but the effort will be well worth it. Need more inspo? Perhaps it’s time to channel the . Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun creating and wearing the look!