A collage of Maris Rascal wearing tight bun and Lisa Manoban wearing ponytail.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting dolled up before heading to a big shindig. It’s your moment to show off your impeccable style from head to toe. However, some popular party hairstyles can damage your locks in more ways than one, especially if yours are already fragile.

For a festive look that screams minus the damage, check out which party hairstyles should be on your ”no” list.

Ballerina Bun

The sleek, tight nature of the viral ballerina bun makes it unsuitable for fragile hair. Achieving that flat and seamless finish usually involves pulling, twisting, and brushing your hair when it’s wet. Here’s why it’s a big deal: hydrogen bonds in the hair shafts are temporarily weakened when exposed to water. As a result, your strands become more susceptible to .

If you’re still keen on trying the slicked-back bun trend, wait until your hair is completely dry before styling it. Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum for that glazed effect. This hair serum has keratin and marula oil, which also helps tame frizz, detangle knots, and smooth out flyaways.

Power Pony

The is in a different class from the one you sport at the gym. We’re talking about an Ariana Grande-level high and snatched ponytail which, as the singer once said, is extremely painful. Sure, it’s one of the cool-girl party hairstyles that can give you an instant facelift and add a few centimeters to your height. But the sharp angle and the tautness can put stress on your strands. According to a 2018 study, wearing your hair in a tight ponytail can lead to – a type of hair loss that begins at the hairline. Eek!

Liquid Hair

If you’re looking for hair ideas that go with any dress code, the ‘do might be your #1 option. We don’t blame you, though. It’s simple, versatile, and can elevate your OOTD to red-carpet-ready status just like that. The downside? It’s only achievable through the use of heat-styling tools like the good ol’ straightener.

Constant exposure to high heat zaps the hair’s natural moisture and alters its keratin structure, causing your locks to appear limp and dull. What’s more, the layers of styling products such as gels, smoothing creams, and hairsprays applied to create the glass-like finish can further weigh down your strands.

Bombshell Blowout

Chances are that those photos of you pinned as “party hairstyles inspo” were possible with hair extensions. Many A-list celebrities, from the Kardashian-Jenner clan to Megan Fox, have been wearing them to boost the overall fullness of their hair. The sad news is that extensions can strain your existing strands due to the bonding and clipping process. Plus, the extra weight may damage the hair follicles.

It should be okay to have a blowout once in a while. But if your hair is overprocessed, skipping the extensions is the wisest decision. Embrace your natural hair and let it . Try Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which has biotin, , and to nourish your strands. With regular use, you’ll have stronger and thicker-looking hair.

The Bouffant

The ‘60s-style bouffant, known for its puffy crown, is back in full swing. As glamorous as it looks, this cute hairstyle may not be the best choice for those with . The backcombing that creates its trademark gravity-defying volume can cause friction and . There's also the trauma of undoing the tangled mess the morning after. You’ll be better off with a classic .

Tight Braids

Plaits that are positioned close to the scalp, such as cornrows and boxer braids, can be just as harmful as sky-high ponytails. These hairstyles for long hair exert excessive pressure on the hair roots and have been linked to thinning, as reported by the . Additionally, wearing them for long periods can result in a tingling and burning sensation.

Worry not – you can still channel the cottagecore aesthetic (if you want to) with that are just as pretty but gentler on your scalp.

Part of nursing your hair back to health is giving it well-deserved breaks. While you don’t have to bid adieu to these party hairstyles forever, it pays to be wary of their potential risks. Besides, there are many other statement-making hairdos that are less likely to harm your precious locks.