Two women wearing Christmas ornaments

The holiday party season has begun. Nothing changes the fact that you’ll have to dress up, dress down, or whatever “theme” is required for your soirée. The good thing is, your options are not limited to Christmas headwear like antlers and candy canes. You could try jazzing up your look with these trendy hair accessories.

Giant Bow

Bows of all shapes and sizes have been around since the 1940s. Fortunately, they are enjoying their moment in the spotlight today. Versatile, full of character, and eye-catching, bows are definitely worthy of the office Christmas party. Try Ariana’s way and wear two of them: one to and another to stylishly keep your neck warm.

Festive Headband

A festive headband is one of the easiest ways to add holiday cheer to your wardrobe. Bonus points if it sparkles, like this one on Sadie Sink. If you don’t have an embellished headband, then make one! Take a wide plastic headband and glue on your favorite beads and gems.

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Chic Bandana

If your holiday party is going to be at the beach (lucky you), maybe steer clear of beads and bedazzled anything. They’d be difficult to keep clean, not to mention chlorine and saltwater could damage them. Instead, opt for a chic silk bandana worn so effortlessly like Selena Gomez. For a tropical or beach-themed party, keep it classy by wearing loungewear, not swimwear. A bandana would complete the look nicely and add a ‘60s cool-girl vibe. 

Statement Hat

If you love going glam, red lips, , high heels, shapewear, and all, consider adding a statement hat to your outfit. Think of it as your tree topper — therefore it must be a real standout, like this leopard print hat on Anya Taylor-Joy. Note the contrasting purple dress and the matching leopard print gloves. Don’t be afraid to go over the top. Of all the hair accessories, this one calls for it.

Oversized Scrunchie

Not all holiday parties are going to be glamorous. Some of them will be super comfy and that’s okay! The moment your party organizer tells you to “come as you are,” take it as your opportunity to rock your comfiest loungewear, tie your hair in a fun scrunchie, and moisturize while you’re at it. It’s not the worst idea — you’ll still be on-trend. The best part is you can after all the festivities. 

Claw Clip

No one wants messy hair by the time they're done dancing at a holiday party. The solution? Bring a claw clip to add subtle glamour to a good ol' updo. It's super versatile and comes in many different designs, from quirky to whimsical. And when the moment calls for a dramatic hair flip, just unclasp it from your hair and let it flow.

Crystal Hair Comb

When it comes to formal dress codes, hair accessories can turn your look from average to red-carpet-worthy. If you're not a fan of tiaras or headbands, a crystal hair comb is a more subtle alternative. There are many ways to wear it. You can make it as a centerpiece to your bun or position it to one side for a more dramatic effect.


These hair baubles are the upgraded version of the ones you wore back in middle school. They're super trendy and can make any outfit look extra cool. Case in point? Irene's matching set of barrettes adds a playful charm to her casual OOTD. Experiment with different colors and shapes, which can unlock a world of styling possibilities.

Hair Glitter

No other hair accessories scream festive as loud as glitter. It comes in a variety of forms, from gel and spray to loose powder. The best part is you can sprinkle it on anywhere you want. Glitter on a ponytail? Yes, please. Shimmering disco curls? Drop dead gorg. TBH, you really can't go wrong with it. Just make sure to shampoo your hair really nice afterward.

Sticky Rhinestones

Remember the hair bedazzler that used to be on every girl's Christmas wishlist? Well, it's now TikTok's hottest hair trend, and we can totally see why. Putting shiny gems all over your hair might seem unconventional, but it's a genius way to bring an extra layer of chicness to your holiday party attire. And don't worry, you can use hair glue to safely attach the rhinestones to your strands.

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