Asian woman with short brown hair

Just like there are advantages to having thick hair, having thin hair has its own set of perks. For example, it’s usually wash-and-wear and requires very little maintenance throughout the day. Nevertheless, if you don’t enjoy the occasional limpness and lack of body, you can try some hairstyles for thin hair that can make it look fuller. These styles incorporate strategic cutting and layering to give the illusion of volume and movement.

But First, What Is Thin Hair?

There are two ways one could have thin hair. The first is having fine strands, which are thinner, smoother, and lacking in volume. Being a hair type, fine hair is neither good nor bad, and like all other types, it has its own pros and cons. The second is having fewer strands of hair because the natural distance between your hair follicles is greater. This is genetic and shouldn’t be confused with , which is a condition where more strands are falling out than usual. 

For hair that looks thicker and more voluminous, check out these hairstyles for thin hair and bring your pegs to your suking stylist. 

A Chic Blunt Bob

Whether your hair is fine, thin, or thinning, a short hairstyle for thin hair, like this blunt, wavy bob is a great way to give the illusion of volume and camouflage limpness. The blunt ends make the hair appear thicker, unlike layers, which can look frayed and thin at the ends. The also keeps it bouncy and doesn’t weigh the hair down. It also literally moves more, as opposed to a longer cut that might end up in a ponytail anyway.

Bangs and Waves

If you want more volume, consider Taylor Swift’s subtle back in 2019. A versatile, low-maintenance haircut and style, the shag cut is meant to be messy — in other words, volumized and wild. If you think you could never use these adjectives to describe your thin hair, try this style out. The long layers add depth and contrast to the length, while the bangs pouf up the roots and keep the front of your hair from looking flat. 

Messy Updo

A loose, messy updo gives your locks a “woke up like this” vibe that still somehow looks put together. Keeping the updo loose keeps it from looking flat, while the tendrils add dimension. For obvious reasons, avoid doing a sleek updo if you have thin or fine hair. Pluck out some strands around the front of your hair to make it look even more natural and effortless.

A Deep Side-Part 

You shouldn't shy away from short hairstyles for thin hair. In fact, the weightlessness of these short ‘dos might be what your hair needs, especially if it’s on the oily side. Case in point, check out Kate Mara’s short haircut. It gives her fine hair a visible and rather impressive boost. The deep side-part helps — it creates a wave on the front hairline, giving the illusion of body and movement.

Giving Thin Hair More Volume

Caring for naturally thin hair starts in the shower. If you’re experiencing hair fall, fortify your strands with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which encourages healthy hair growth by strengthening each strand from root to tip. Another product that can help is Dove Hairfall Rescue + Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo, which nourishes hair with DynaZinc Complex and keratin.

You don't need to skip the conditioner just because you have thin hair. Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Hairfall Defense Conditioner is formulated with Tri-Oleo Complex, which helps rescue weak and brittle hair. It reduces hair fall by up to 99% from first use. When using conditioner, prevent your strands from falling flat by concentrating on conditioning the ends of your hair rather than the roots.

Thin hair doesn’t have to look limp and lifeless. To add volume to your locks, try these hairstyles for thin hair. Go with what you’re comfortable with in terms of length and style, and use products that cleanse the scalp of oils that can weigh your hair down.