We love a versatile hairdo and high up on our list are the classic half up half down hairstyles. It works on every texture and practically any length of hair, and it easily goes from day to night. Nowadays, it has the added cool factor of being a go-to hairstyle of your fave . Keep reading to see how they’ve put a new spin on this underrated style.

Yoona’s Feminine Waves

Ordinarily, laidback beach waves might look off with a prim and proper dress, but Girls Generation/SNSD’s Yoona makes it work: Her loosely pulled-back waves and face-framing bangs instantly make an otherwise look event-ready.

Hyuna’s Messy Look

Meet the ’s little sister: the messy half-pony, as seen on Hyuna. To get the look, use a your hair and loosen the curls with your fingers, scrunching to add texture. Tie hair up into a half-pony and leave . No need to smoothen out bumps—they’re part of the charm.

Seohyun’s Simple Style

As far as half up half down hairstyles go, this one is a quick go-to. Seohyun of Girls Generation/SNSD is just dripping with sweetness with this classic half-pony. Get her smooth and straight locks with Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner, which makes hair up to four times straighter from the first wash.

Somi’s Glam Half-Up

A half-pony can look playful, too, as shown by Somi. Just tie it up in a high half-do and leave some bangs loose to soften the look and make it appear less intense. This full-bodied style can easily be achieved if you have naturally , and would !

Moonbyul’s Edgy Space Buns

The Mamamoo rapper shows how you can inject some fun into your short locks with space buns. Look ready to rock at the next music festival by splitting your hair down the middle then twisting and pinning a bun on each side of your head.

Yuri’s Youthful Pigtails

Another fun and playful look? Half-up pigtails with , as seen on Girls Generation/SNSD’s Yuri. Simply tie a half-ponytail on each side of your head and let your wavy hair flow.

Jisoo’s Grunge Hairstyle

Blackpink’s Jisoo takes the half-up pigtails up a notch with super-straight hair and black velvet ribbons. Don’t be afraid to experiment with like pearl pins and delicate chains that you can twist into your hair.

IU’s French Braids

Take a page from superstar IU’s playbook and work French braids into your half-up style. Part your hair in half before starting your French braids from the top of each side. No need to make it look neat and perfect! The unkept look gives an added appeal to this hairstyle.

Gain’s Swide Swept Bangs

Gain of Brown Eyed Girl shows how it’s done. Pair your half-pony with side-swept bangs for an easy everyday look. To keep the bangs in place while maintaining volume, spritz a few sprays of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold.

Dara’s Topknot

Our pambansang krung-krung, Sandara Park, gives us half-pony version 2.0 with a topknot. The style pulls your hair out of your face to highlight your features, while the free-flowing hair adds dimension and movement. Make your topknot extra chunky by teasing your tresses before twisting them into a bun.

Give your messy bun a rest and try out one of these Korean idol-inspired half up half down hairstyles — you might not be able to resist giving your reflection a finger heart.