Smiling woman wearing hair rollers looking at her reflection in the mirror.

The '80s look is back in full swing, bringing one of its most iconic beauty trends – hair rollers! Women everywhere have been stealing their grandmothers’ curlers to get big, bouncy hair that seems to defy gravity. Need proof? Just check TikTok, where the hashtag #hairrollers has picked up almost a billion views. And since they’re Hair Tok-approved, you know you’ve got to try it!

The best part is these aren’t just one-look wonders. They can help you achieve different hairstyles other than . Here are tips on recreating your favorite modern hairdos with old-school rollers.

Types of Hair Rollers

Like the , hair rollers come in many shapes and forms. The three most common types of rollers are Velcro-made, foam, and electric. All sets have different barrel sizes. The smaller the rod, the tighter the curls.

Velcro rollers are more suitable if you want to achieve a voluminous finish. On the other hand, foam rollers are the more comfortable option for . You can still get full, bouncy curls but with less texture.

The last option is electric hot rollers with a storage box that heats up when plugged in. They’re more practical, and the curls stay in longer. While the heat is not as damaging as other hair-curling tools, it still uses heat. So, you may want to skip this if you have .

Prep Your Hair Before Styling

First things first, start with freshly washed hair. You want each strand to glide smoothly on the rollers without forming any knots. If you have dry and , use a like Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Shampoo. It helps strengthen the hair to minimize breakage and seal , unveiling silky tresses.

Next, apply a styling mousse on slightly damp hair to create long-lasting results. Feel free to skip this step when you’re going for a more effortless look. If you’re going to use hot rollers, spritz some heat protectant on your strands. It’s all about choosing the right products for the kind of hairstyle you want to achieve.

Easy Hairstyles to Achieve with Hair Rollers

Learning how to style your hair with rollers can cut your prepping time. With a few twists and turns, you can craft everything from soft curls to slimming bangs.

A voluminous blowout for a night out.

The big, soft curls you often see on fashion runways are surprisingly easy to master with hair rollers. Use the largest size for this hairstyle. Begin by sectioning your hair into four parts: the top, left side, right side, and back. Grab the front part of the hair at the crown and lift. Place the roller on top and roll outward. Then, roll the hair at the back, following the same movement.

On the sides, you want to place the roller underneath the hair and roll it inward. Finish with some hairspray before unraveling the rolls. Loosen the curls with a brush or your fingers, and that’s it! You have successfully sans the heat damage and arms cramp.

Beachy waves for a casual day.

Feeling a little flirty? Rock this popular all year long with barely any effort. First, give yourself a middle part and take a section of hair from the front. Using a medium-sized roller, place it on top of the hair and roll it outward. Stop rolling when the bottom of the barrel reaches your eyebrows. Doing so will prevent any kinks or creases from forming near the roots. Repeat the same steps on the other side and the back sections.

When ready, unroll the hair and finish with a texturizing spray. Break up the ringlets with your fingers and tousle your bangs for that breezy, lived-in look.

Flawlessly curled bangs to frame your face.

Korean trendsetters use hair rollers to keep their from going flat. Their trick is to use more than one roller at a time. Depending on the cut of your bangs, you might need to alternate barrel placements to achieve your desired look.

For girls with blunt bangs, use one large and two medium-sized ones. Place the big roller underneath the front part and wrap the hair until it reaches the scalp. Wrap the side pieces around the medium curlers with the same technique.

To style , grab two large rollers – one for each side of the fringe. If you want to get the S-curl shape, place the curler on top of the hair and roll outward. But if you want the Birkin bangs, do the opposite and roll it inward.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

It’s important not to use hair rollers when your hair is still wet. Super-drenched hair is difficult to shape and takes much longer to set. Moreover, the weight of the roller may be too much for your hair to handle since your strands are weaker in this state. You can wash your hair with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo to strengthen your locks. It has biotin, , and – three powerhouse ingredients that promote healthy hair growth.

Another mistake you should avoid is rolling the hair from the bottom up. It curls the ends but doesn’t volumize roots, which makes your hairstyle look dated. For best results, align the roller with your eyes and wrap the hair around it, tucking the ends at the top. This technique will give you fuller hair without the awkward fishhook ends.

Hair rollers prove that sometimes oldies can be goodies. These genius tools are as good as any heat-styling device, or perhaps even better. Keep practicing to achieve your ideal curl type and if your hair ends up looking too ‘80s, you can always just .