Having long hair — just like any hair length — comes with its own set of perks. Singer-songwriter Maris Racal knows this and rocks it wholeheartedly. But do note that the key to achieving versatile styles is healthy hair that is strong, bouncy, soft, and full of shine. Just having long hair isn’t enough. You need to care for it, too! 

Here are 5 looks from Maris Racal to rock now.

Artsy and Free-Spirited

These rock ‘n’ roll waves are totally achievable! (Credit: instagram/mariesteller)

Think vintage Taylor Swift in all her pop princess glory: these cool-girl waves are fuss-free and easy to achieve. All you need is a head of hair and a few elastic bands! Shampoo hair with Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo — which smells like a sweet tropical cocktail. Rinse and towel dry until slightly damp.

Section your hair according to how big or small you want your waves and braid each section. Make sure the braids are tight and secure – wait to dry, release, and separate waves with your fingers. Maris Racal rocks hers with a few blonde highlights for an extra beachy vibe. 

Bright and Natural

Maris Racal rocks loose waves and messy hair. (Credit: instagram/mariesteller)

Easily get “woke up like this” hair like Maris Racal with a wide flat iron. After shampooing your hair with Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness Shampoo, dry it completely with a hairdryer. After you’re done, take a section of hair and loosely wrap it between and around the two plates until the entire section is coiled. Press the iron and pull downward while securely holding the top of the section to prevent pulling at your scalp.

Repeat with random sections and leave the rest of your hair as is. When done, give your hair a little shake — and yeah, you can take a selfie, too.

Sleek and Polished

For an elegant glow-up, tie hair in a sleek, half updo. (Credit: instagram/mariesteller)

A half updo doesn’t have to be blah — keep it super sleek for an elegant finish. Wash your hair with Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo to make your hair easy to style. Part hair in the middle with a comb, and tie hair in a ponytail just above the nape of your neck – smooth down strands with the palm of your hands. Baby hairs are cute, but if you want your hair to be completely sleek, you can tame baby hairs by spraying a new toothbrush with hairspray or sea salt spray and brush them down. 

Youthful and Edgy

Nobody puts blunt bangs in a corner! (Credit: instagram/mariesteller)

Blunt or full bangs add lots of personality to any look. Because it’s easy to go overboard, it would be best to have this done by a professional stylist, so your bangs don’t look like an accident. To make sure your bangs are always in tip-top shape, use Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which has biotin and aloe vera to deeply nourish your hair as it grows. 

All-Glammed Up

Maris Racal proves straight hair doesn’t have to be limp and lifeless! (Credit: instagram/mariesteller)

The ultimate long hair flex is a super straight and shiny style like Maris Racal’s. Even naturally straight hair could benefit from a bit of extra help and a product that keeps hair straight as it dries. Try Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight Shampoo for hair that looks beautifully blow-dried even without much styling. If you want your hair to be extra straight, use a flat iron to give it a boost once your hair is completely dry.

Grow your hair long and strong like Maris Racal with the right products that nourish your hair while preventing damage.