A portrait of AC Bonifacio with high pigtails and varsity jacket.

Pigtail hairstyles might remind you of simpler times in preschool, or that year when everyone dressed up as . It isn’t really a part of an adult’s hairstyle rotation, yet, many grownups embracing the pigtail trend. The question is: what’s holding you back from doing the same?

Is It OK to Wear Pigtails as an Adult?

Yes, adults can rock the pigtails if they want to. In fact, it used to be the go-to hairstyle of hardworking soldiers and sailors back in the 1700s. 

Celebs like Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, and Sydney Sweeney have shown that pigtail hairstyles can look cool past the prepubescent phase. These ‘dos also recently appeared on the runways of renowned designers like Dior and Chanel. 

So, anyone who says you’re too old to wear pigtails clearly didn’t get the fashion memo.

Pigtail Hairstyles for Adults: 5 Ways to Elevate the Look

Pigtails come in versions for and fun twists for casual Fridays. Here are some examples you can try to recreate at home.

Put a hat on.

Hats can lend a different vibe to your pigtails. If you’re in a sporty mood, pair your pigtails with a baseball cap. Feeling beachy? Put on a wide-brimmed hat to add a to your summer outfits.

Hats can also help cover up your greasy roots, which will totally save you from . In addition, they give you protection from harsh sun rays (bye, !).

Sleek and straight hair never fails.

Most hairstyle ideas for formal events are just variations of Hollywood waves and . But if you’re looking for something less basic and packs more sizzle, style your hair like Anya Taylor-Joy, who wore sleek pigtails on the Red Carpet. Before picking up the straightener, wash your mane with Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Shampoo. It contains almond oil, vitamin C, and keratin that help boost shine and soften the hair.

Ditch the colorful scrunchies to exude that “I’m-an-adult" energy. Instead, secure your locks with clear elastics and wrap the base with a small section of hair to conceal the bands.

Plait your pigtails, please.

Pigtail hairstyles can be office-appropriate with a few tweaks. Emma Chamberlain brought her best corpcore game to Paris Fashion Week with low, tight braided pigtails, wispy side bangs, and a . It is an unconventional hairdo, sure, especially with the burgundy ribbons, but it looks darn cute with the plaid shirt and blazer. Plus, it keeps your hair away from your face when you’re busy with yet another report.

Do the half-up pigtails.

Don’t want to go full Baby Spice with pigtail hairstyles? Try the lowkey version: the half-up pigtails. This feminine ‘do looks great on long and short hair, so anyone can pull it off. You can for a touch of romance or keep them straight for a modern finish. Top the look with dainty hair clips or bows.

Add length and volume.

You don’t need to wait for a big event to do your hair. Try high pigtails on a random Tuesday, and your confidence will soar. The key is blow-drying your roots first. This will smooth any frizz and help add more volume. Next, brush and pull your hair up to ensure your pigtails sit high and proud on your head. Add some extensions to add inches in a snap!

All that tugging action can strain your hair, so be extra careful. Use Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which has , , , to strengthen your tresses. It has been proven to make hair 3x stronger against breakage.

There are no age restrictions when it comes to wearing pigtail hairstyles. So, grab your hair ties, part your hair in the middle, and wear two ponies at once. Life’s too short to not look cute every single day!