Felicia Cui taking a selfie showing her bunot hair.

Seeing "bunot hair" (also known as the bowl cut) conjures images of a kid getting their hair shaped with a literal mixing bowl. On the other hand, the Filipino name for the style comes from the "bunot" – a dried coconut half-shell used to buff wooden floors.

Who would've guessed it would become a red-hot trend that looks, dare we say, cool? The old school 'do now finds itself at the forefront of fashion, with A-lister fans like Zendaya and Charlize Theron. It's safe to say that "bunot hair" is having a moment, and here are a few reasons to try it.

It Makes You Look Younger

In general, rocking a haircut you had in grade school can shave years off your appearance, but the age-defying effects of "bunot hair" are more than nostalgic illusions. Its clean lines, shorter length, and quirky shape draw attention upward, lifting .

If having a wide forehead happens to be one of , the bangs help shorten your face. They also frame your eyes nicely and camouflage any . Even better, the style shows off your best assets – those charming . Prepare to get ID’d.

It’s Super Low-Maintenance

Anyone with long hair knows the struggle of brushing through knots. It's painful and frustrating to see on the floor. When you embrace "bunot hair," you're exempt from this agony. You can roll out of bed and be ready for the day without ever needing to reach for a comb.

On the flip side, going shorter also ends your , which is the main culprit behind tangled hair. With a proper haircare routine, your locks will grow healthier and require less upkeep. Hooray for the extra hours of !

It Flatters All Hair Types

There are so many iterations of the bowl cut that finding one that suits your hair texture will be a cakewalk. Whether you have , , or something in between, this edgy hairstyle adds depth and fun flair to your everyday looks. And did we mention that this ‘do gets even more fab with a bold color choice? The combo really brings out anyone's feisty side.

You’re Guaranteed to Always Be on the Spotlight

"Bunot hair" is not for the faint of heart, which is why it’s such a head-turner. People may cast curious glances your way, but isn’t that the point of stepping outside your comfort zone? It allows you to explore the many facets of your own beauty.

It takes some cojones to break away from the “woman must have long hair” notion. You walk a little taller and talk more confidently, knowing you’re beyond . In a way, you graduate from being a conventionally attractive gal to a showstopping queen.

You Spend Less Time in the Shower

Ah, hair wash day. It can take 30 minutes – or one very long hour – to shampoo and condition every strand meticulously. But with the bowl haircut, you cut your shower and drying time just like that.

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It’s Easy to Style

Sometimes, your hair needs a break from the straightener and curling wand. The "bunot hair" makes styling so much easier by being the ultimate wash-and-go style.

When you’re feeling fancy, you can tousle it with a texturizing spray or polish it with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. A few pumps of this give you five smoothing benefits, from taming flyaways to boosting shine. Of course, the and marula oil work together to nourish and protect your mane from UV rays.

Give yourself a makeover with bunot hair, but lay off the Pyrex dish. Let the professionals do their magic, and you’ll be surprised by this flattering androgynous style. And if you end up not liking your new ‘do, at least you have it a shot – it will grow back, anyway.