Young Asian with short, curly hair

Didn’t think short curly hair could be low maintenance? These examples might change your mind. Traditionally, women curl their hair for special occasions. It was just a thing you did to change up your look. Some women take pains to straighten their hair daily because it’s easier to maintain. These days, however,   has become effortless thanks to products that help make it more manageable. Want to give it a shot? Here are some short curly hair ideas you can rock, whatever your face shape.

Keirnan Shipka’s Baby Waves

Sabrina star Keirnan Shipka likes to mix it up with styling her Here, she rocks loose baby waves that look light to the touch, yet also somehow impervious to the wind. This works with textured wavy hair, naturally curly hair, and even straight hair. Just use a curling wand and set the curls in place with hair spray.

Try TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold, which gives the hair control without making it stiff, or sticky. The revolutionary micro-mist formula penetrates the top layers of the hair, providing deep and even coverage. After misting, scrunch the hair a bit with your hands for more bounce and volume.

Alanna Arington’s ‘70s Shag

Alanna Arington’s beautiful ringlet curls are cut in the style of a ‘70s shag. This means it has an oval shape that’s longer in the back, and front layers that gently frame the face. A style that’s so in-your-face requires some maintenance to make sure that hair is soft and bouncy — it just doesn't work with frizz.

To achieve this, add an extra nourishing product such as Dove Nourishing Oil Care 1-Minute Serum Conditioner to your hair care routine. It restores rough, frizzy hair and makes it shiny and silky smooth. 

Audrey Tautou’s Playful Pixie

If you’ve always wanted a but are afraid of the maintenance involved, try Audrey Tautou’s fuss-free version. Women with naturally curly hair can rock this look — a longer version of a pixie cut, complete with wispy layers. Again, the key to getting a curly pixie to look this good is regular maintenance. Since curly hair is prone to dryness and craves moisture a lot, make sure to regularly treat it with a serum conditioner. Set your pixie with hair spray to calm frizz and keep curls under control. 

Take your cue from these ladies and embrace your natural curls. Short curly hair looks like a lot of fun! If you want to find out the perfect layered hairstyle for you, read our guide on .