Asian woman with mid-length hair and a big smile

Growing out your short hairstyle is both an exciting and excruciating process. While the possibilities of long hair are endless, the road that takes you there is long and full of temptation — like getting bangs because you’re bored. Don’t! Instead, follow these tips on surviving the dreaded awkward phase and grow out your hair with grace. 

Have a Transition Plan

Planning the different stages of your hair growth prevents you from ever having a mullet at any stage. This plan can be as loose or detailed as you like, but ideally, it should include you can get while you grow out your hair.

For example, if you’re growing a , plan a haircut on your third month to keep that back short until the top and front parts of your hair catch up. If you’re going from short hair to a lob, schedule a cut to add layers, so the bob has movement even as it grows out. 

Get Regular Micro-trims

Aside from getting transition haircuts (or instead of them), get regular micro-trims to keep your hair healthy. With a micro-trim, the stylist snips off less than an inch of your hair, and only to remove split ends or dryness. The purpose won’t be to change styles but to keep hair in its best condition without letting go of length. Schedule a micro-trim anytime you feel your ends are getting crusty or if you see signs of split ends. 

Try Accessorizing

When you feel tempted to chop it all off, try with accessories and styling products. If you can’t stand the overgrowth of your pixie, for example, use pomade or hair gel to give yourself a “wet look.” It’s chic, affordable, and will take your mind off getting a haircut. You can also use hair clips, which have been super trendy lately, to keep your hair in place in a fun way. Make sure your accessories don’t tug at your hair and remove all accessories before going to bed. 

Focus on Keeping It Healthy

Growing out your hair can make you feel restless. The itch to just get a haircut will be strong. Focusing on hair health instead of growth will help keep your mind from obsessing over the length and put all that energy to good use. Use a shampoo that instantly makes your hair look and feel healthy, such as Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable. If you enjoy your hair now, you wouldn’t think so much about growing it out. This shampoo has five flower essences that make hair five times smoother and silkier and keeps hair healthy with regular use. 

Growing out your short hairstyle may mean going through that dreaded awkward phase, but try to have fun with the hair that you have! This will help you resist the urge to chop it all off and start over, as well as give you lots of good hair days to look back on.