There are plenty of pros to rocking short, straight hair. For one, styling takes less time than eating a bowl of cereal. The only downside? It falls flat and limp way too quickly. If you’re after volume, you may need to go the extra mile. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give your mane some oomph. Follow these tips from influencer Bea Aleta on making short hair look full and bouncy.

Get a Layered Haircut

If you think layers only work on long hair, think again. Layers take bulk off thick hair and create fullness in thin hair. Not to mention they look rad with or without proper styling, a great bonus for a busy bee like Bea. “As a working girl who doesn’t have the luxury of time to style her hair in the morning, my definitely helps.”

Of course, you can go for other that better match your preferences. There’s the if you’re game for a major transformation. Ormodify a with a few jagged pieces for tons of movement.

Try Hair Oiling

Apply to stimulate hair growth and . The more strands you have, the more volume you can achieve. However, you shouldn’t blindly pick essential oils. Many dermatologists recommend , which one study claims to help .

Hair products with rosemary oil and other potent ingredients are available in the market. But if you plan to make your own hair oil blend at home, be sure to dilute the rosemary oil with a carrier, such as or

Befriend Hair Mousse

Wondering how to boost hair volume in an instant? Two words: hair mousse. It’s useful for short, straight hair because it lifts your roots and ensures your hairstyle lasts all day. Don’t worry, newer formulas of hair mousse are non-sticky and lightweight. No crunchiness or weird smell, either.

So, how do you use mousse? Prior to styling, wash your hair and use the Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment Aloe Mint Detox. It helps detoxify your locks by removing product buildup and moisturize . Once your hair is half dry, apply one pump of mousse onto the roots and massage the product in. Bea likes blow-drying while brushing her locks forward to get the illusion of thicker hair.

Change Your Hair Part

A may earn you respect from GenZers, but it can make your short, straight hair appear flatter than it should be. Switching it to the side is like a cheat code to bouncy locks without any heat styling. As a starting point, create a deep side part right above the arch of your eyebrow. Pin it down near your ear with a couple of hair clips to help set the part in place. Not really a fan of a side part? Jump into the with a zigzag part.

Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water

Cold rinses can benefit your hair health in many ways. Aside from making your strands smoother and shinier, it can also create the appearance of more voluminous hair. “Hair experts and stylists always tell me to wash my hair using cold water as hot water affects the volume of hair,” explains Bea. The drawback? It’s not the most relaxing thing to do.

If your short, straight hair is bleached like Bea’s, cold rinses may help extend the vibrancy of the dye since the low temperature helps keep the color locked in. To prevent brassiness and hair damage, wash your with a purple shampoo and treat them with Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment Keratin Damage Repair. It’s infused with keratin and collagen to repair and renew each strand. Use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Bleach Enhance Conditioner to get rid of yellow and orange undertones and brighten colored hair.

If you ever feel that your short, straight hair needs some help in the volume department, give one of these tips a go. Have fun experimenting and, above all, shower your locks with lots of love. After all, healthy hair will look good no matter what.