Asian woman with wet hair hanging out in a swimming pool.

First things first: the trendy wet hair look doesn’t require a lot of water. Famously worn by Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Bella Hadid on the red carpet, the sexy, drenched style involves a combination of products that give hair structure and shine. Plain-old H2O doesn’t have the hold and longevity to achieve this hairstyle, but there are a few neat tricks that can help. The best part is that there’s more than one way to rock it. Check out our tips below.

Damp Hair + Hair Oil

The key to achieving a wet hair look is, you guessed it, not drying your hair all the way. Leaving it a little bit damp keeps strands stuck together, which is a distinct characteristic of wet hair. Now, how do you prevent your locks from airdrying and turning into a ? Apply hair oil! This will maintain the illusion of wetness throughout the day.

If you do go for this hairstyle, make sure to keep the rest of your face nice and matte with , and wear a top that won’t show oil “stains.” Your hair will get greasier as the day goes on thanks to your , so apply product sparingly on the roots of your hair.

Damp Hair + Gel Spray

This nifty trick works on all kinds of hair textures but is more suitable for since hair spray restricts movement and bounce. (Nobody wants long, stiff hair!) To get the look, simply apply a generous amount of water-based gel spray on wet hair and comb into place. Use a if you’re going for a slicked-back look like MMD, or a wide-tooth comb if you want a more punk-rock vibe. 

If you have curly hair, simply spray the product on and scrunch your hair into shape using your hands. Your hair will curl more and get more body as your hair dries, but as long as you don’t brush it, it will stay looking wet.

Wet Hair + Sea Salt Spray

For a softer, more natural effect, try ! Often used to create beachy waves and textured hairstyles, sea salt spray is a versatile product that can help you achieve that wet hair look. The result is less structured and less severe than if you use hair gel or hair spray.

Start with wet locks (as if you’ve just emerged from the ocean like or from a lake like Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body – two wet-look icons!) Next, spray on the sea salt. Apply it generously, making sure to cover all your strands. Finally, scrunch your tresses to add thickness and texture. The “wet look” won’t last as long, but it will look natural and pretty while it does. Carry a small bottle of sea salt spray with you to retouch throughout the day.

Since sea salt spray can dehydrate your locks, don’t leave it on for too long! Replenish lost moisture at the end of the day with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Treatment Shot. Aside from strengthening your strands to prevent hair fall, it also tames frizz and restores hair from dullness and damage.

Hair Gel + Hair Spray + Stick Balm

Achieving a drenched, high-fashion version of the wet hair look involves more than just piling on products and calling it a day. For , condition with Vitakeratin Treatment Brazilian Straight. It nourishes your strands with vitamin B3 and smoothens them with salon-quality and Brazilian nut oil.

To sculpt your tresses into shape, start by coating your damp locks in hair gel. Spread it evenly using a fine comb and use the same comb to style it into place. If you’re going for this elven-inspired look on Hunter Schafer, make sure to part your hair and isolate any pieces you wish to isolate at this stage.

Smooth your locks down with your palm before setting the look with a generous spritz of hair spray. Finally, for a super smooth finish, use a stick balm to flatten any or strays on the crown of your head. You could also use the balm to "paste" pieces like bangs or baby hair on your skin to add to the wet effect.

Ready to rock the wet hair look? Try the methods above to see which works best for your hair type and desired style. Trust us, any of the above will yield much better results than simply heading out straight from the shower.