Woman’s hands being dipped into a bowl with natural ingredients in the background.

Frequent handwashing, daily exposure to chemicals from soaps or hand sanitizers, harsh weather, physical activity, and life can leave your busy hands dry and coarse. No shade of nail polish can hide the beating your hands go through if you neglect to give them some TLC. A relaxing hand spa treatment might do the trick.

What is a hand spa? Apart from moisturizing dry, scaly hands, the benefits of hand spa treatment range from muscle relaxation to reduced pain associated with arthritis. Grooming your nails prevents fungal infections that can develop with excess moisture. Exfoliating the skin on your hands also increases blood flow, which improves circulation. But the best benefit might be the boost it gives your mental health.

After a long and stressful week, a hand spa session is an excellent pick-me-up, especially if you can do it in the comfort of your home. Here’s a quick guide with five easy steps.

1. Soak Your Hands in Warm Water

After washing your hands, squeeze half a lemon into a bowl of water and sea salt. Sea salt, known for its healing properties, can soothe muscles, reduce swelling, and improve circulation. Meanwhile, lemon juice is rich in that can brighten skin tone. Soak your hands in the solution for 10 minutes.

2. Groom Your Nails

Now that your hands are warm and relaxed, remove your nail polish and clip your nails to your desired length. Your nail shape shouldn't matter - do whatever you like if it suits your lifestyle. 

For example, if you tend to work with your hands, keep your nails well-manicured, round and short. If you can get away with not doing the dishes, you may opt for long, painted nails. Don't forget to file the edges of your nails for a smooth finish and make sure to trim regularly, especially if they are prone to breaking.

3. Give Your Hands a Good Scrub

There are many hand scrubs and available in the market for brightening the skin on your hands. Choose one that’s sugar-based, as it is gentler and won’t sting like a salt scrub might.

Make a homemade sugar scrub by mixing sugar, two teaspoons of honey, and a few drops of or almond oil with essential oils like or lemon. Gently scrub your hands in a circular motion for about five minutes, then wash them with warm water. Exfoliating your hands will remove dead skin cells, leaving them soft and smooth.

4. Lock In Moisture

Scrubbing your skin can make it dryer than usual, so apply a good moisturizer or hand cream after. suggests that petroleum jelly is one of the most effective moisturizers on the market. As an occlusive, it seals in hydration and prevents moisture loss. Massage a pea-sized amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly all over your hands, focusing on areas with thin skin.

If petroleum jelly feels too thick for you, try Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion, which locks in moisture minus the stickiness.

5. Apply Cuticle Oil

You can use cuticle oil or natural oils like or sunflower to nourish your nails, paying attention to the cuticles. If your hand spa is the last routine before bed, wear a pair of sleeping gloves to seal the moisture instead of getting it all over your sheets.

During the day, don’t let all that pampering go to waste. Put on sunscreen, not just on your hands, but all over your body to protect against harmful UV rays. Vaseline Healthy Bright SPF 24 PA++ Sun + Pollution Protection Body Lotion has and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, helping your hands stay bright and hydrated.

Spa treatments and nail salons can be time-consuming and costly. Luckily, there are easy ways to de-stress and care for your hardest working appendage – your hands. This five-step hand spa guide uses ingredients and products you'll find at home, so you can go ahead and make it part of your weekly pampering routine.