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Coconut oil is endorsed by Hollywood celebrities-cum-beauty-gurus like Gwyneth Paltrow, who swears by oil pulling, and Miranda Kerr who sleeps with coconut oil in her hair, and more importantly, your grandmother. It’s embraced by trendsetters, but it’s been around since the ‘40s, although its use as a skin and hair care ingredient is relatively recent. Today, you’ll see tutorials on its many uses, and its popularity has gone beyond tropical shores. 

Coconut oil is an all-around kitchen remedy and powerhouse wellness ingredient in one. Whether used raw or as a component in products, coconut oil offers a wide range of amazing benefits for the skin and hair.

Why You Need Coconut in Your Beauty Arsenal

Chances are, you already have it in your pantry. Coconut oil is accessible, inexpensive, and easy to use. If you don’t already have it or use it, here are a few reasons that might convince you to stock up:

It’s great for cleansing. 

Coconut oil has a cleansing effect that makes it an effective and gentle makeup remover that can easily wipe away even the most persistent formulas. It also has antibacterial and anti-yeast properties, making it great for double cleansing.

Cold-pressed, organic coconut oil is recommended for this purpose. Use the silky liquid as is, no washcloths or cotton pads, and gently massage on the skin to remove makeup and dirt as a first step in your cleansing routine. Rinse with warm water and pat try. Follow up with your regular cleanser. Take note that coconut oil is comedogenic and might not be suitable for — a little goes a long way!

It’s an awesome carrier oil for scrubs. 

Homemade scrubs made with natural, non-irritating ingredients are an inexpensive and effective way to smoothen rough skin — from lips, to elbows, heels, even your butt! To polish the lips, mix a semi-solid coconut oil with sugar. Gently rub on your lips in soft, circular motions then wipe off. For the body, mix coconut oil with rock salt and use the paste as you would a body scrub. Rinse thoroughly.

It takes skin-softening to a different level. 

Boost your self-care bathing ritual by adding a small amount of coconut oil in the bath, on top of your favorite bath foam or essential oil. Soak your stress away, emerge recharged and baby-soft. , mix a little bit of coconut oil with your lotion or foot cream and massage on just-washed feet. Lock in the moisture with comfy socks, go to bed, and wake up to soft feet.

It’s the best oil for softening the hair.

is said to be the best for softening because it protects from protein loss. Made up of medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil is structured in a way that makes it easily absorbed deep into the hair. It can help hair grow longer by reducing breakage, sealing in protein, and protecting strands from environmental damage.

You can use it as a hair mask before washing the hair to protect it while washing, or coat the strands (avoid coating too close to the root or you’ll look greasy), to detangle and make it softer and shinier. For everyday coconut oil nourishment, try Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Hope and Repair Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Hope and Repair Conditioner.

Coconut oil is a multipurpose oil that does wonders for the skin and hair. It’s natural, it’s sold almost everywhere, and it’s affordable. Look up shampoos, conditioners, lotions, even makeup for coconut oil to easily incorporate it into your beauty regimen. 

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