Coconut and coconut water in a glass

The abundance of coconut trees in the Philippines is perhaps the reason why we already know of the many benefits of coconut water. It isn’t a surprise to Filipinos, given that coconut water has been enjoyed by many as a refreshing drink. Now, more parts of the world are discovering the wonders that coconut water can bring, particularly in the skin and hair care industry. This is evident in the growing number of products that proudly include this ingredient.

What good can coconut water actually do for your and is it worth adding to your daily routine?

Drinking Coconut Water Can Help Give You Healthy Skin and Hair

The most common way of using coconut water is to consume it as a drink, which makes sense as it’s comprised of 94% water. It provides adequate to your body, with its high levels of electrolytes. A well-nourished and hydrated body means glowing skin and healthy hair, so it’s time to drink up!

Applying Products with Coconut Water Provide Nourishment

Coconut water’s naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and amino acids make it a perfect ingredient to any skincare product. It contains amino acids and phytohormones that provide moisture to your skin, preventing dryness. So, if you want to have radiant, glowing skin, coconut water can help do the trick. 

This liquid boasts of antimicrobial properties as well, which is a great addition to your anti-acne cleanser and products. Additionally, its levels of vitamin C can support brightening your skin, making you look fresh and young.

Using Coconut Water in Your Hair Care Routine Makes Hair Bouncy

Coconut water benefits also extend to the hair, making it just as effective as – and considered a holy grail ingredient for a lot of women. The former is a great, lightweight alternative for ladies with fine or oily hair wanting to experience the magic of coconut water. Besides nourishing and hydrating the scalp, it helps prevent flakiness and that’s caused by inflammation. 

If you’ve always wanted bouncy, bombshell hair, then you better grab coconut water-infused products like Love Beauty and Planet’s Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Volume and Bounty Shampoo and Conditioner. Transform your hair from frizzy and limp to alive and lustrous!

The benefits of coconut water are hard to ignore. It’s worth the investment to include products infused with this wonder liquid in your day and night routines. Share this article with your friends who haven’t discovered coconut water yet and they’ll surely thank you after!