Asian woman adding oil on her hair

Bergamot essential oil is a popular ingredient in perfumes and , but did you know it can do wonders for the hair, too? The bergamot plant produces a citrus fruit that is widely used in Italian traditional medicine. The oil from the fruit peel and the extracts from the juice offer many health benefits. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, bergamot can improve immune response and function. In aromatherapy, it elevates mood and . When applied topically, it delivers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Here's what bergamot can do for your hair.

Reduces Scalp Inflammation

Different can develop on the scalp and cause hair loss or inflammation. These include , scalp psoriasis, contact dermatitis, fungal infections, and infections of the hair follicles. Bergamot essential oil has powerful antimicrobial properties that help keep the scalp healthy.

One study in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research found that bergamot is an antiseptic and anthelmintic substance that facilitates wound healing. The study concluded that it helps reduce infections, improves tissue growth, and prevents inflammation. As an ingredient in shampoo, it helps detoxify hair from any buildup where all sorts of bacteria can thrive.

Promotes Hair Growth

As bergamot essential oil inhibits the growth of bacteria, it also protects the “terrain” where hair grows: the scalp. With its antiseptic properties eliminating infection and preventing further damage, it helps hair grow healthier. 

Prevents Hair Loss

At the same time, bergamot essential oil nourishes the roots of the hair and stimulates blood flow in the scalp. This process draws out all the essential nutrients that hair needs to be healthy. It also aids in .

Conditions and Adds Shine

Bergamot essential oil is rich in fatty acids that can . It helps smooth hair cuticles and detangles strands. Because this powerhouse oil is also rich in antioxidants, it also helps protect the hair from the effects of oxidative stress.

Slows Hair Aging

The International Journal of Trichology cites that oxidative stress from free radicals in the environment can directly damage hair, causing dryness and . In some cases, it can also speed up hair aging, which manifests as graying hair and . Using bergamot essential oil can help boost manageability and shine by nourishing the hair from the outside and protecting the hair from external aggressors.

Try using Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt & Bergamot Deep Restore Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt & Bergamot Deep Restore Conditioner. This duo has clarifying and detoxifying sea salt and ethically sourced Italian bergamot. Aside from leaving your hair with a fresh, summery fragrance, it also cleanses the scalp and restores shine and volume.

Can I use bergamot oil on my hair every day?

While bergamot essential oil does have its benefits, using oil on your hair every day can, well, make it oily. It all depends on your hair and scalp's condition. Try using it once or twice a week first to see what happens.

Does bergamot oil help grey hair?

There is no evidence that suggests bergamot essential oil helps with grey hair. However, it does help slow down premature hair aging thanks to its anti-inflammatory and circulation boosting properties.

Does bergamot dry hair out?

Bergamot essential oil alone cannot dry your hair out, since hair dryness is usually the result of various factors. In fact, bergamot oil can address dry, dull strands by removing buildup on the hair and scalp.

That said, bergamot essential oil should always be combined with a carrier oil, like avocado oil or . Do not apply pure bergamot oil directly on your scalp, since it can cause irritation. Start enjoying the benefits of this powerhouse oil for your hair by either using the essential oil or adding bergamot oil-infused products into your routine.