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Peptides must thank Hailey Bieber for bringing them into Gen-Z's consciousness. While these amino acids have been lurking in the beauty industry for some time, they've been upgraded into holy-grail status in the same vein as and only in the last decade or so. Besides that, there’s more to peptides than what Mrs. Bieber is pitching. Learn more about collagen peptides and check if they're what you need to .

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids, the substances that comprise protein. To give you a better picture of how they relate to your skin health, some protein examples include collagen, elastin, and keratin – a trio responsible for your skin’s recovery, elasticity, and strength.

Collagen peptides are a more digestible version of collagen. They're essentially "pieces" of the latter, broken down through hydrolysis. In fact, according to , the human body cannot absorb collagen in its raw state. This protein must be reduced into peptides to enter the bloodstream faster.

Collagen peptides usually come in pills or powders, but a few skincare companies have included them in their formulations for moisturizers and night creams.

How Collagen Peptides Delay Skin Aging 

Collagen offers structural support to your tissues, keeping your skin flexible and your bones and muscles supple and strong. As you get older, collagen production in your body drops, causing creaky bones and lined skin. As a form of collagen, collagen peptides as its base protein. Delaying in your skin is perhaps its most popular promise.

A shows that collagen products help improve skin elasticity, cell firmness, , wrinkling, and texture. While they’re not as effective as the protein you produce on your own, many of these supplements do more than cover the slack. Some of them .

More good news: studies reveal that neither oral nor topical collagen is superior. Either can produce results, though they may vary depending on your constitution, the amount you take (clear this with your specialist), and your lifestyle. Sorry, but if you stick to habits that accelerate aging, no amount of collagen peptides can help you.

According to a paper in , other benefits of collagen peptides include:

  • Improving joint functionality
  • Hastening muscle recovery
  • Promoting gut health
  • Contributing to cardiovascular health by maintaining the quality of your blood vessels
  • Strengthens bones

How to Use Collagen Peptides

Consult with a doctor if you need a more specialized collagen treatment. However, if skin care is your primary concern, consider trying topical creams with collagen peptides first.

Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Lotion Overnight Radiance Repair can transform your skin, making it glow and look fresher, thanks to Amino-Peptide Complex and Serum Burst Technology. This lightweight product bursts into tiny droplets that your skin can easily absorb. It has hydrolyzed collagen – another term for collagen peptides – helping you get those agelessness perks. It also has niacinamide and glutathione to brighten your skin.

Whether your goals are cosmetic or for more holistic health purposes, collagen peptides are always a good idea. Remember to couple this supplement with exercise, a proper diet, and a generally healthy lifestyle to see its full effects!