Two friends having fun with DIY face masks

Halloween parties not exactly your style? There’s no reason you should miss out on the fun Halloween spirit even while at home. Why not hold a mask party with a DIY face mask? These homemade face masks are fun and easy to make. They’re even more enjoyable when experienced with friends. Think of them as your version of trick or treat this time of the year, only you’re pampering yourselves with these treats and some skincare tricks!

Fun and playful on their own, these face masks are the perfect Halloween activity for an evening pick-me-up – and could even be wacky, ghoulish, or creative enough for a quick holiday IG snap. Plus, if you decide to step out of your house for a party, you’ll have plump, luminous skin that’s ready for spooky makeup.

Ready for some holiday masking? Gather your friends and bond over these face mask recipes that will help you mark the occasion!

Lather Up and Pile on the Froth

A frothy facial mask brings on tons of possibilities. Could you be a Yeti or a snowman, covered in thick, white foam that could pass for heaps of snow? Or simply look like a pampered queen enjoying a bubble bath? To pull this off, you’ll have to find the right product that to create that IG-worthy foam.

With Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Moisture Care, you won’t have to worry about drying your skin out with all those bubbles –the40% active boost serum and 2x leave radiant and moisturized for up to 24 hours.

Look Spooky With These Fruity Facial Masks

Fruits are some of the best sources for DIY face masks – they’re chock-full of that can or calm inflammation. No wonder they’re so popular! And just to get you in a Halloween mood, their stark colors and textures against your face can be enough to give someone a good spook.

Thankfully, with just a few ingredients at home, you can whip up some face mask recipes that work wonders. An avocado face mask is great at rejuvenating , giving it that glow. To make it, you will need half a serving of avocado, Greek yogurt, and a spoonful each of and olive oil. Mix and apply them to your face for an exfoliating and hydrating effect afterward. 

Another tropic-ready recipe is a face mask recipe using pineapples, which can brighten the skin. Combine crushed pineapple and coconut milk for an organic recipe that penetrates deeply!

For an easier, fuss-free alternative, you can reach for POND’s Avocado Face Mask and POND’S Pineapple Face Mask, which still provide the same benefits as their DIY counterparts. POND’S Avocado Face Mask draws moisture and nutrients to your skin with avocado and 50 times more Vita boosters from vitamin E, an antioxidant that eases inflammation and protects the skin from damage. Meanwhile, POND’s Pineapple Face Mask helps you achieve a glowing complexion with 50x Vita boosters from Vitamin C and natural pineapple enzymes.

Get Into the Halloween Spirit With Dark Charcoal Masks

For a darker and mystical vibe, channel the power of the evening with a midnight-themed mask. Have you ever tried a charcoal face mask? This one also suits the night’s occasion, as its key ingredient works wonders for the skin – it’s almost like magic!

has properties that can attract and absorb dirt, oil, and gunk from the surface of your pores. It leaves you with a cleaner and purified feeling on your face after you take it off. Plus, it can help remove pesky blackheads!

DIY a charcoal face mask using equal parts of dry clay and activated charcoal powder – one tablespoon each will do. Next, add two tablespoons until it reaches the consistency you want. You can include a favorite serum or extract for your face, such as witch hazel or tea tree oil. Mix and smear them on your face with a brush or with your hands!

These homemade face mask recipes could be your best Halloween activity yet, keeping you primped and pampered in the process. Make the most of your Halloween night with a DIY face mask party — and feel your skin glow and shine from all the benefits.