Mother lying on a bed of grass with her son on top of her.

One fact that not many people talk about is that childrearing is something of a pick-a-thon. According to a survey, parents face during the first year of their baby’s life. From choosing whether to breastfeed the bub to what kind of diapers you’re using, every choice determines your parenting style. And in this day and age, you’re either a granola mom or not.

The granola (or crunchy) lifestyle has become a mega trend in the past decade with celebrity mamas like Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman rallying behind it. But in a land where organic everything can cost an arm and a leg, is all-natural parenting realistic for Filipino moms?

What Is a Crunchy Mom, Exactly?

At the core, crunchy granola moms embrace natural, eco-conscious choices for the family. These typically include breastfeeding exclusively past infancy, using cloth diapers over disposable ones, and taking herbal tinctures rather than OTC health supplements.

Somewhere along the way, many may mistake the concept as a chemical-hating movement. Although not all granola moms are hardcore eco-warriors,a fraction of them fit the stereotype. Ask TikTok and it will show you endless videos portraying the granola moms as snobs who gag at the sight of plastic toys and canola oil. They feed their children homemade quinoa bites, all the while patronizing fellow parents for packing school lunches with a “toxic” juice box instead of a homemade smoothie. 

These kinds of parents do exist, and some will tell anyone within earshot about their clean-living values.

Crunchy Parenting Is a Privilege

Adopting the granola lifestyle isn’t just a question of how far you’re willing to do what’s best for your family and the planet; it’s primarily contingent on your financial capacity to sustain it.

Almond flour may be chock-full of minerals and vitamins, but for the price of 500 grams, you could buy 9 kilograms of all-purpose flour. Meanwhile, agave nectar, which is beloved by crunchy parents, can set you back around ₱400 for a small bottle. These alternatives may be more nutritious and eco-friendly, but they’re a luxury.

Filipino moms can definitely be granola moms. That said, not everyone can afford to do it. Even Martha, who had a crunchy childhood, couldn’t keep up with the demands of full-fledged granola parenting.

“Organic diet is expensive and not accessible for most middle-class families,” she claims. “With my eldest, I was a full-time mom. So, I had the privilege of breastfeeding her exclusively (for two and a half years!), co-sleeping, putting her on a vegetarian diet for her first year, and limiting processed food.” Now, she’s back in the workforce and has let go of the expectation to be a die-hard naturalist.

In other cases, the granola culture just didn’t work for some people. Sophie, an ex-crunchy mom, says, “I did try cloth diapers on my son, but he hated them. I also only had one helper and was in , so it was quite impractical for me.”

There are limitations to the natural-only practices that are unavoidable. “Granola mothers advocate for medication-free childbirth. But if you need a C-section, you must do it for the safety of your baby. I think technically, we don’t really have a lot of avenues for these holistic things,” Sophie adds.

It’s Okay to Not Be a Granola Mom

Prioritizing your child’s safety while being mindful of your carbon footprint is admirable – noble, even. Still, you can do all these without having to abide by every single so-called crunchy behavior.

The granola philosophy may not be realistic for half of the majority, but you can cherry-pick aspects that resonate with your beliefs and family’s needs.

Emily Morrow, the woman behind the TikTok parody account, identifies as a rank-7 crunchy parent. She lets her kids be kids and isn’t about adhering to a rigid set of rules. Of course, she does try to introduce to her loved ones and opt for natural stuff when possible.

You can also take the middle road. The internet has come up with the new term “scrunchy” mom, which balances granola parenting principles with a more relaxed approach. However, you decide to label yourself, all that matters is becoming the best parent for your little ones.

Take Care of Yourself, Too

As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to recharge after giving your 110% for your children. Taking a break is not only beneficial for your well-being, but your family’s, too. Squeeze in some time every day for . It could be as simple as taking a nap, reading one chapter of a book, or watching Netflix while relaxing in a tub.

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Silky, crunchy, or granola moms – one is not better than the others. People have different opinions on how to raise their children. At the end of the day, every parent, including you, is simply doing the best they can do. Cut yourself some slack, and don’t be so quick to criticize others. It’s just not cool.