infographic of loopy and love beauty and planet

Plastic waste is a product of our modern economy. So much of what we consume is made of plastic — think plastic bottles and food containers — because it’s inexpensive but durable. However, it takes over 400 years for plastic to degrade. According to a study by the New Plastics Economy, plastic use has increased twentyfold in the last 50 years. The same report states that only 14% of the world’s plastic waste is collected for recycling. The good news is there’s something we can do to help reduce our plastic waste.

What Can You Do to Reduce Plastic Waste?

We can come together and make mindful changes in our lifestyle and habit – from the way we shop to the way we eat and how we live. You, too, can do a part in reducing your plastic consumption. Some easy switches that you can make in your daily life include bringing reusable shopping bags and avoiding single-use plastics, such as cups, drinking straws, and cutleries. Choosing an eco-conscious brand such as Love Beauty and Planet is also a way to make a significant difference.

Love Beauty and Planet Partners with Loopy

Love Beauty and Planet, a brand of shampoos, conditioners, and , has partnered with Loopy, a subscription-based online shopping platform, and , a company that collects and recycles waste before it reaches our oceans.

The brand will be launching a project where Loopy subscribers can contribute their plastic waste when they subscribe to receive Love Beauty and Planet products. Loopy riders will collect the empty packaging from products received on the first month of their subscription as they deliver the second batch of Love Beauty and Planet products. As long as consumers continue to subscribe, riders will continue to collect their empty plastic bottles for free.

All the collected plastic packaging will be brought through The Plastic Flamingo, which will aggregate the waste and turn them into eco planks that can be used to build emergency shelters in the event of a disaster. Love Beauty and Planet and Loopy subscribers will get their 7th month subscription for free, as well as a certificate reflecting their contribution.

Trying to save the environment can seem like a difficult task, but this project by Love Beauty and Planet and Loopy gives you an easy, actionable goal each month to contribute to minimizing plastic waste and doing your part as a consumer.