A woman holding a watermelon, covering her mouth.

Watermelon has always been a top-tier summer fruit. If Harry Styles sings about you in a Grammy award-winning song, it shows just how much you have it going. Aside from its health-boosting effects, the benefits of watermelon also extend to your skin. Did you know that this round fruit may be the secret to getting that Keep scrolling to learn more.

It Plumps and Soothes Your Skin

True to its name, watermelon is made of 90% water. If your skin is a bit thirsty, go on and whack this fruit open. The juice contains vitamins E and C, which boost hydration and decrease moisture loss. You can also consume some watermelon if you have sensitive skin since it reduces inflammation from sun exposure, acne breakouts, or other skin flare-ups. Moreover, its high-water content and low acidity make it a healthy snack that helps all skin types.

It Brightens Dull Complexion

So your skin lacks that radiant glow – it could be the lighting, but dead skin cells are most likely the saboteur. When the new skin cells overtake the epidermis, the old ones either fall off or cling to the surface. While your skin does exfoliate itself regularly, a little outside help won’t hurt. This is where the benefits of watermelon come in handy.

Watermelon is rich in malic acid, a member of the family, which primarily addresses surface-level concerns such as fine lines, roughness, and enlarged pores. In short, watermelon extract is a natural face exfoliator that can brighten your complexion and improve skin texture.

It Makes Your Makeup Last Longer

One of the beauty benefits of watermelon is its versatility in hydrating the skin. It gets you to that sweet spot of oil-free-freshness-meets-glazed-donut. Moisturizers with watermelon can help balance your skin to avoid makeup meltdowns from oiliness and patchiness from dryness. It is high in , which helps control sebum production and smoothens the skin. As a result, your base makeup blends and sticks to your skin better.

It Helps Prevent Premature Aging

Every day your skin is battling unseen enemies, such as pollutants and . These two threats can cause free-radical damage to your skin and lead to , dark spots, and sagginess. You can't avoid the sun and outdoors forever, though. So, aside from wearing sunscreen, use products with watermelon to boost your skin’s defenses.

Lycopene and citrulline are the anti-aging heroes found in watermelons. According to studies, lycopene and . Meanwhile, citrulline , an amino acid that aids in and repairing damaged skin.

It Helps Heal Acne 

Watermelons have three acne-fighting compounds. For starters, it has vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation from acne. It also prevents hyperpigmentation and improves collagen production for minimum scarring.

Malic acid, on the other hand, gently unclogs pores from dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil. Finally, lycopene – another antioxidant powerhouse – helps neutralize acne-causing bacteria. 

Apart from incorporating watermelon into your diet, grab a jar of POND'S Watermelon Jelly Moisturizer and let it do the work. This oil-free jelly moisturizer is formulated with 100% watermelon extract and for a bouncy, mochi-skin effect. It’s also alcohol-free, so you don’t have to worry about irritating sensitive or acne-prone skin. Use it as a sleeping mask when your skin feels dry or as a daily moisturizer before makeup. 

Start enjoying the benefits of watermelon by adding it to your diet and skincare routine. Look for moisturizers and masks with watermelon extract to hydrate your skin, prevent inflammation, and protect it from UV rays. P.S.: Don’t forget to wear sunscreen even when you’re indoors. Your future self will thank you!