Asian woman eating watermelon at the beach

The sunny days of summer are here. They can be romantic: conjuring images of idyllic gardens bathing in warm light, the smell and mist of the ocean keeping your skin moist and cool. In reality? You’re hot, sweaty, sticky, irritable, and your face feels like melting. Luckily, a few adjustments in your beauty regimen can make for cooler days. Well, at least non-sticky ones. Here are a few tweaks you can do.

Use Lightweight Products

Creams and oils are great for the cold months when our skin typically becomes drier because of the lack of moisture in the air. But on hot, sunny days, using heavy products on your skin is ill-advised. For a more refreshing experience, switch to lightweight cleansers such as micellar water or those that come in a . These products are oil-free, so they won’t add to the slickness that will inevitably ensue during the day. They also usually come with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, which can help calm any irritation from the heat.

Protect Yourself with Deodorant

Yes, please use deodorant regardless of the weather. However, on sunny days, it would be a crime against humanity to skip. There’s no shame in body odor (everybody has it), but failing to do anything about it can result in some embarrassment, such as pit stains and unpleasant smells. If you don’t like the feel of sticky formulas on your underarms, try Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant Aerosol. It has a fresh cucumber and scent that keeps you cool and odor-free all day while moisturizing your skin.

Don’t Skip Body Moisturizer

Harsh sunlight and UV rays are capable of evaporating moisture from the skin and leaving it dehydrated — and they work overtime on sunny days. If the mere thought of slathering on body lotion makes you want to take a shower again, maybe you haven’t tried cooling moisturizing products that leave your skin fresh and tingly. Vaseline Healthy Bright Fresh & Bright Cooling Body Lotion has a –4C cooling action that instantly refreshes skin. It also has 10x active niacinamide more than other moisturizing products, which refines the skin, evens out tone, and brightens dark spots.

Keep Your Hair and Scalp Fresh

Perhaps one of the first things that get hot and itchy on sunny days is the scalp. It's covered in fur, so don’t be surprised. Keeping your scalp cool and clean is essential during the summer months because the buildup of sweat, sebum, dirt, and dead skin can . This can lead to stunted hair growth or breakage. Stay fresh and cool with Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness Shampoo, it has a combination of watermelon and mint to nourish your hair and deeply cleanse your scalp.

Stay cool and fresh on sunny days with a light but effective beauty routine that incorporates cooling products.