A portrait of woman doing squat exercises on yoga mat.

If you ask gym buffs about their favorite workout moves, most will mention squat exercises. No surprise here; they pack a lot of perks beyond sculpting killer glutes since they target multiple muscle groups and joints in one motion. But the beauty of mastering the squat and its many variations is that it can help keep your body and mind youthful. Scroll away for all the benefits that will make you want to drop it low.

Keeps Bones Strong

Every time you do squat exercises, you put pressure on your bones. That might sound scary, but it’s a good thing. The tension helps stimulate the production of bone tissues, which keep bones sturdier and less prone to fractures. In addition, the found that doing squats improves skeletal health and bone mineral density in with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Improves Posture

Most people are guilty of slouching. You’re probably doing it as you read this sentence. The thing about posture is it reveals so much about your personality and self-confidence. A humpback indicates shyness, while a straight back signals assertiveness. Thankfully, improving your posture is just a matter of practice, and you can start by strengthening your core muscles.

According to a study in Norway, a is one of the best exercises to , and it’s even better than a regular plank. The latter activates the muscles along the spine, which helps straighten the back, more effectively.

Boosts Brain Health

Are you often caught in an at work? A quick squat sesh can shake off that brain fog and help you focus. Taking a break to do the exercise has been linked to to the brain, based on a 2023 study. The researchers reported that adults who completed a one-minute session of squats combined with calf raises had faster reaction times, stronger decision-making abilities, and less mental fatigue.

Enhances Mobility

Aging causes joints and ligaments to stiffen, affecting your balance and coordination. But there’s hope! Adding like squats to your can keep you flexible and limber for longer. Strenuous activities like moving heavy boxes, bike riding, hiking, or swimming laps will feel a lot easier.

Enhanced agility is another benefit. In the Journal of Human Kinetics, soccer players who repeatedly did full squat exercises scored better in short sprint tests. This result suggests that squats can give you the power to move faster and more efficiently.

Contributes to Body Confidence

Squat exercises can be modified into a . Add some free weights, and you’ll be engaging your shoulders, arms, core, and back, as well as your entire lower body. Aside from the fact that squats work several muscle groups at once, researchers have reported that like a barbell squat can elevate the levels of anabolic hormones, such as testosterone, human growth hormone, and estradiol.

Anabolic hormones are responsible for many things, including muscle growth, metabolism, and body fat distribution. The not-so-great news is that these chemical messengers decline with age, which is why muscles shrink and more calories turn into fat when you’re older. So, if you want to get lean and muscular well into your golden years, squat down and squeeze your glutes.

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Doing squat exercises every day or a few times a week can help keep you fit and mentally sharp with age. The best part is that you can do them in the comfort of your home – all you need is a little bit of space and a can-do attitude. Just make sure to keep your back straight and shift your weight onto your heels as you push your hips back to avoid injury.