An Asian woman poses against palm leaves

Living in a tropical climate has its own set of perks and struggles — constant heat and humidity is something that we deal with all year round. This makes refreshing, lightweight products must-haves in every routine. When the heat index goes high, these skincare products will keep you fresh, cool, and clean. 

Take a Refreshing Shower

In , you want to use a cleansing soap that eliminates germs and bacteria that can stick to your skin, as well as something refreshing and easy to rinse. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash Total 10 with Activ Silver is formulated to destroy germs and keep the skin strong and protected from irritations that can be caused by heat and sweat.

Don’t forget your hair, too. Washing your hair can also keep you feel fresh and comforted during the warmest, most humid days. Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness Shampoo not only cleans your hair and scalp from dirt, but it also has watermelon and mint to make sure your head feeling cool and soothed all day long.

Stay Fresh and Dry with a Serum Deodorant

Intense heat can bring intense sweating. Use a that keeps your underarms feeling dry while comfortably moisturized and protected from odor like Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serum Collagen + Vitamin E. It accelerates skin renewal and reduces the appearance of unusual dark marks so you can confidently rock your look.

A Refreshing First Cleanse

Taking off all traces of makeup, product, sweat, and oil is the first step to feeling truly refreshed at the end of the day. Use a micellar cleanser as the first step of a . Eskinol Naturals Micellar Water Hydrate with Natural Aloe Extracts with freshly picked aloe petals hydrates, gently nourishes, and removes excess oil from the skin.

Remove Excess Oil with a Second Cleanse

Exfoliate and minimize oil production to feel fresh all day with POND’S Clear Solutions Facial Scrub, which is a gentle scrub with that controls oil. This cleanser removes any leftover dirt, debris, and bacteria on your face that can clog the pores and lead to breakouts, as well as brightens the skin to make it more radiant.

Skip Moisturizer and Use Essence Instead

On especially hot and humid days, thick creams are not advisable because they can clog the pores when it mixes with oil and bacteria from sweat. Skip the heavy moisturizer and use a multi-tasking product like an essence or serum.

Stay fresh in this tropical climate with this refreshing face and body care routine that cleanses, cools, and protects!