Man drinking water after exercising

Staying sound and motivated isn't always easy. Whether you're comfortable going out or you want to stay indoors does not mean you can’t pursue your health and fitness goals from the confines of your own home. Whether you’re a beginner, gym rat, or athlete, exercising regularly does not only benefit you physically but also has mental and cognitive gains. As self-care becomes more popular, adding physical activity and core exercises at home to your lifestyle will work wonders for your overall health. You also get the bonus of a flatter stomach.

According to Michigan Health, strengthening the core – the muscles of the abdomen, hips, and back – and reducing the occurrence and severity of injuries are connected. Building a more muscular midsection allows for better movement in everyday life, from scooping objects off the floor and carrying groceries to turning around when someone says hello.

Your core strength helps you have better balance, posture, and agility. It can also assist you in your sports performance. If you haven’t thought about incorporating core workouts into your fitness program, you must be wondering why at this point.

However, with the internet’s intimidating amount of , it can be hard to pinpoint what gives the best results. Consistency, discipline, and doing these five core exercises at home are the key to having Cristiano Ronaldo-like washboard abs.

The Hardstyle Plank

Think of the full-tension plank as the tougher version of its brother, the traditional plank.

Prop yourself up into the forearm plank position with your forearms parallel. Align your elbows with your shoulders; make your hands into fists. Pull in your knees and elbows while in this position, so everything is tight. Because this workout is challenging, you must be able to hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds per set.

The Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball 

Sit on your mat and assume a cannonball position, similar to the pose you’d do while jumping into the water as a child. After hugging your knees as they touch your chest, slowly extend both your arms and legs into the “hollow” position. Your lower back should be aligned and pressed against the floor, while your legs and neck should stay off the ground the entire set. Try and hold for five seconds before returning into a cannonball, and repeat.

The Dumbbell Side Bend

Unlike the first two, this workout requires . However, it's still one of the easiest core exercises at home. You just need a medium-weight dumbbell.

Standing with your feet around shoulder-width apart, take your medium-weight dumbbell in one hand with your palm facing toward your torso. Keep your back straight while engaging your core. Then, slowly bend to the side (as far as you can go) but only at the waist. Hold at the bottom and return to the starting position to begin again.

This exercise specifically targets your obliques. You're doing it correctly if you feel a burning sensation. Fifteen to 20 reps per set is a good amount to achieve stronger abs.

The Bird Dog

These core exercises at home are akin to a yoga position. The Bird Dog needs extra focus on your core engagement and requires both sides of your body to move simultaneously.

It starts by being in a tabletop position on your mat. Your shoulders should be over your wrists while your hips are over your knees. Engage your core while lifting your right arm and left leg at once. Flex your foot as you kick back while your palm faces your body. Hold the posture when your arm and leg are at the same height as your torso. Then, bring both into starting position. Repeat with your left arm and right leg.

Doing this helps lower back pain and promotes spinal stability.

The Superman

A universally known core exercise, the Superman targets your abs, glutes, lower back muscles, and hamstrings. It’s pretty straightforward. Begin by lying face down on your mat; arms and legs extended. Slowly raise your arms and legs simultaneously until your body forms a curve. Hold and slowly go back into the starting position to start again.

As you start integrating these workouts into your program, you’ll slowly but surely see the results. But exercising on the reg also means cleansing yourself thoroughly after. Following your sweaty session, keep off the grime with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. The shampoo provides a cooling sensation while removing the grease () from your workout. It’s formulated with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology and Taurine to activate the scalp, preventing and removing existing flakes.

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It will be a sweaty and challenging climb to reach your fitness goals, but doing these five core exercises at home will help. You'll get stronger and more ripped with patience and determination.