Asian woman wearing yellow sweater, looking at clothes

Open your closet and look at it. Is it full of clothes you don’t wear? Is it so packed that everything inside is already wrinkled? It might be time to streamline. Decluttering clothes is easy, and it will help you be more organized, cutting down the time you spend picking what to wear. Also, isn’t it refreshing to see a neat and tidy space?

Think of your closet as prime real estate – every inch is valuable, so fill it only with things that are worth the space. Decluttering may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry! Here are easy tips to help you.

Wear Your Clothes Today

Toss or take? If you find something you rarely wear but can't seem to get rid of, use it within the next couple of days. Decide when you wear it, and if it feels off, toss it! As Marie Kondo said, if it doesn’t spark joy, let it go. 

Ask the 6 Key Closet-Decluttering Questions

There are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to decluttering clothes:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I wear it?
  • Does it project the image I want?
  • Does it scratch or make my skin itchy?
  • Is it moldy? Smelly? Stained?
  • Does it fit?

Answer these questions thoroughly and honestly, and it will be easier for you to let go of your excess clothes.

Before you declutter, wash your hands with Lifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash Total 10. This way, you won’t transfer dirt from your hands to your clothes. When you’re done, shower with LIFEBUOY Antibacterial Body wash Total 10. It deeply cleanses and provides strong germ protection.

Prepare a Box

When decluttering clothes, have a basket or box ready for the items you will donate. Something doesn’t fit right? Toss it in the basket. Something you no longer wear? Put it there as well. Make sure, though, that these items are still in good condition when you decide to donate them.

Knowing where to donate your clothes ahead of time also makes decluttering easier. This way, you can schedule when to bring them there so you won’t end up with a box of unused clothes sitting around your house for months.

Do a Monthly Sweep

Decluttering clothes regularly will make organizing your closet easier. The more often you do it, the easier it will be each time. Why don’t you spend around 30 minutes each month fixing your closet? Clear and rearrange the clothes that have fallen out of place. Also, check your room for shirts, scarves, or any other items that may be lying around. Put them back in your closet.

Maximize Storage Space

Take advantage of your wardrobe’s nooks and crannies. You may install hooks on your closet doors for your belts and scarves. If the space allows, you can even add shelving for your bags. Keep your folded clothes in neat piles and hang your pants in multilayered hangers to save closet space.

Turn Your Hangers Around

Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule? It’s a theory that says “80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes.” When it comes to fashion and organizing, this means that people wear 80% of their clothes 20% of the time.

Check if this is true for you by turning your hangers backward. When you wear a piece of clothing, place the hanger back up, facing the right way. It's a system to know which clothes you wear often and which ones you can donate due to lack of use. Give yourself a three-month deadline for this experiment.

Do a Shopping Freeze.

While you’re streamlining your closet, resist the urge to buy more clothes. Focus on clearing and cleaning the space first. Once you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, you can see clearly which items you need to add or replace. This way, you can shop more purposefully and refrain from hoarding things that will eventually end up as kalat.

Remember, the goal of decluttering clothes is to have a neat and organized closet. It takes time and patience, but once you’re done, the feeling of being free from the mess – and embracing simplicity – will be worth it.