Asian woman wearing a jacket and bonnet.

Being lamigin is tough. The slightest breeze can give you chills. The worst part? No one ever takes it seriously. You may feel like you're being a massive hassle to others, especially when traveling. The only thing you can do is prepare. Check out these cold-weather outfits and other winter travel tips to stay warm.

Forget the Bulk. Pack Layers Instead

If you tend to pack three to four coats in the name of the 'Gram, resist! It sounds like a logical strategy, but more coats won't guarantee warmth. This type of outerwear is bulky and leaves no room in your suitcase for anything else. You may compromise by leaving more crucial clothing.

Instead, pack a variety of cold weather outwear, such as a coat, a packable down jacket, and a gilet. All of these will be easy to layer and wear with different looks. With the extra space, you can pack more thermal clothes, tights, and regular clothes for layering. Ditch the jeans. They, too, take up a lot of space and don’t offer warmth at all.

Get a Coat in a Bigger Size 

Are you coat shopping? Go oversized or choose a looser style. The allowance gives you more room to layer – you can even fit a blazer underneath. A slightly bigger coat is also cozier and easier to wear with your cold-weather outfits.

Aside from size, other things to check for include the interior fabric, sleeve length, and pockets. Make sure your coat is lined for warmth. Look for fleece, sherpa, or quilted lining. Choose one with interior for dressier jackets. This light material is a natural thermal regulator.

Cold Weather Accessories Are Your Friend

Think earmuffs and mittens are lame? You’ll change your mind once your hands and ears feel like they’re about to fall off. Traveling means exploring, and the proper gear will help you become more open to trying different adventures – whether you're on top of a ski mountain or strolling through an icy town square.

In winter fashion, accessories are more than a nice-to-have. They're necessary to protect yourself from the elements. Contrary to popular belief, heat doesn’t “escape” just from your head. You lose body heat through any exposed body part – usually the neck, ears, and hands. Make sure you cover up with a cozy hat, mittens or gloves, earmuffs, a fleece neck warmer, and wool socks. If you plan to walk outdoors in the evening, cover your nose and mouth with a scarf or mask. They humidify the air you breathe and prevent illness. 

Try the Dress-With-Tights Combo

A dress-and-tights combo is a fool-proof go-to winter outfit. You can wear as many or as few layers as you want. It depends on how cold you are. You can wear a cardigan over your dress and finish the look with a top coat. You can peel the layers off when you have heating indoors. This way, you’re not limited to jackets and hoodies during your trip.

Have fun with colored, textured, and bejeweled tights. Or stick with classic black if you want versatility. You can wear two layers of low-denier tights, which you can quickly take off when the temperature rises. Avoid wearing extra warm clothing that you can’t remove easily. It can make you sweat, which is not good if you’re walking home in the cold after. Dress according to your comfort level and be prepared for different temperatures.

Sweaters Are Essential

Layers are a great way to look effortlessly chic wearing cold-weather outfits. They’re easy to wear and comfortable in any situation. They are also the perfect outfit once your body has acclimated, which will happen eventually. Some people adapt to the cold in a day while others need a few weeks. Whenever you’re ready, you can wear sweaters over a single layer of thermals underneath. Or even a shirt. Get them in bold colors to make a statement or neutrals for a nice fashion moment.

Warm Footwear Makes a Huge Difference

Footwear is an essential part of cold-weather outfits. Not wearing open-toe shoes when it’s cold is a given. However, you could still get cold-wearing closed ones. Fleece-lined boots may sound unnecessary, but they are life-changing for any lamigin girl who . Keeping your feet warm is essential for good blood flow and distributing heat throughout your body. 

Don’t Forget Your Sleepwear

A true lamigin feels cold even indoors. Hotels would have heating, but if you’re staying in an Airbnb, consider packing warm sleepwear, too. Flannel or fleece pajamas are a huge comfort, especially in a room with drafts or uneven heating. They are also loose enough to give your skin room to “breathe,” especially under a thick blanket.

Speaking of your skin, keep it nourished in cold weather with Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. During winter, your skin can get dry and, in turn, . Using moisturizing products can help trap water in your skin to prevent irritation. This body wash has 1/4 Dove moisturizing cream, which deeply nourishes and comforts .

Cold-weather outfits don’t have to be drab or shapeless. You can still have fun with fashion while keeping yourself warm. Give the tips above a try!