A woman hyping herself up in front of a mirror.

Some days, you just feel like things won’t go in your favor. Perhaps your coffee tastes watery, your Grab driver cancels on you, or a invades your skin. These tiny hiccups can send you over the edge, pushing you to yell “ugh” into the wind. But the fact is, a less-than-good day is a part of life. You don’t have to fix it, but knowing how to motivate yourself can help you rebound from a“blah” state of mind.

Read on for simple pleasures that can bring a little sunshine to a gloomy day.

1. Sing in the Shower

Your bathroom is like your personal recording booth where your voice genuinely sounds richer. The sound bounces from tile to tile, producing the level of reverb that a diva like you deserves. So go ahead and channel your inner Lea Salonga and belt out your favorite songs.

Even if you’re not known for your vocal prowess, do it anyway! Singing in the shower is a science-backed way to reverse a lack of motivation. In fact, a reports it can decrease stress levels and boost self-esteem.

First, make a playlist of hit karaoke songs and hop in the shower. Next, pamper your skin with Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash, a cleanser that soothes and refreshes the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. Its fresh scent is sure to get you in a good mood and it keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours with regular use. Now go ahead and sing your heart out!

2. Have a Heart-to-Heart with Yourself 

Pretending to be a guest at a talk show is fun and not at all embarrassing. In fact, many psychologists encourage people to embrace positivity by talking to themselves. According to , self-talk effectively calms yourself down and helps you process negative emotions.

Imagine having a conversation with . Refer to her by name and ask about her feelings in detail. Keep the conversation positive, without any judgment. Remember that your “flawed” self is a part of you, and she is doing her best. You can also do a butterfly hug to express self-love and show gratitude to your best friend – you!

3. Have a Snack (or Cocktail!)

Another way to motivate yourself is by satisfying your cravings. Hangriness makes a person tense, tired, and overwhelmed, so avoid waiting too long between meals or skipping them. Cut yourself slack on slow days by ordering (or cooking) your favorite comfort food. And if your “blah” day escalates into a “cray” day, serve yourself a cocktail. Nachos and margaritas on a Friday? Yes, please!

4. Go Shopping

Retail therapy gets a bad rap, but it can be helpful in moderation. The journal of Psychology & Marketing confirms that treating yourself can have a positive impact on mood. Just make sure that you don't buy items on a whim, which can lead to buyer’s remorse.

Instead, shop responsibly and stay within your budget. You don’t need luxury items to boost your mood. Getting something you’ve always had your eye on or something you’ve been saving for is a good start.

5. Take a Short Trip

Did you know that being can make you feel restless? This phenomenon is called cabin fever, and its symptoms include irritability and boredom. Fortunately, this is not a serious condition. The solution is simple: get out of the house.

Enjoy a mini vacation without breaking the bank by going someplace new within the city. It can be a cute , a new library, or a dog park you’ve been wanting to visit for ages. As soon as you step outside, you will feel more energized.

6. Schedule a Friend Date

One of the easiest ways to motivate yourself is to have something to look forward to. Why not plan a chill get-together with your friends? This activity ticks all the right boxes: You get to amplify self-love and maintain healthy relationships.

Even though you don’t feel like going out, , get dressed, and make an effort to look good. The rituals of getting ready — specifically putting on makeup — can help increase productivity and . On the other hand, your friends will appreciate the effort to spend time with them. It's a win-win!

7. Rewatch an Old Favorite

If you’re wondering how to motivate yourself after a long and tiring day, have a movie night! Instead of watching a new blockbuster, why not go for something familiar? Everyone has that one movie they can never get tired of.

Immerse yourself in the film, whether it’s a , a tearjerker, or a gruesome zombie flick. The nostalgia will cocoon you in a warm, fuzzy feeling. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, invite your significant order to watch the film online for a date. Sweet!

Whenever you find yourself in a deep funk, remember these tips on how to motivate yourself. Your blah days are there to make your best days look brighter, so don’t beat yourself up. We’re rooting for you!