Fit Asian woman holding a jump rope around her neck

In the old days, jumping rope was a fun recess activity: double-dutching through a nursery rhyme or holding a contest to see who could skip the longest without tripping. Now, a jump rope workout is a hardcore exercise that can fit most lifestyles, spaces, and fitness goals. 

Are you ready to jump into this workout revolution? Here are some reasons jumping rope can change up your usual exercise regimen.

Jumping Rope Is Practical

Jump ropes have come a long way since the cotton rope and plastic handles of your childhood. These days, they are available in various materials, lengths, and weights. Some ropes are built with heavier handles or cords to bump up the difficulty, while others are so thin that you can easily fit it in your purse and bring it everywhere. No excuses!

With the limitations of the pandemic, jump ropes have experienced a revival because of their relative affordability, and it requires a smaller space compared to, say, a bulkier treadmill. You can also set programs to cater to your workout and .

Jumping Rope Is Low Impact

According to the Jump Rope Institute, a proper jump rope workout trains you to land lightly on the balls of your feet as opposed to staying flat-footed or on your heels, decreasing impact and consequently the risk of foot and ankle injuries. Moreover, this exercise can support other athletic activities that require jumping and fast footwork, such as basketball, tennis, and badminton. A study published in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine revealed that a jump rope warmup resulted in better performance in soccer players!

Bear in mind that to reap the benefits of this exercise, proper form is crucial. Here are some tips to make sure you’re jumping correctly.

Choose your surface.

No matter how experienced you are at skipping rope, concrete is concrete, and it will wear away your joints. Opt for sprung floors, like the kind they use in basketball courts or dance studios, or spring for a rubber mat. 

Watch your rope and technique.

Some things to consider before making that first jump: length (add around three feet to your height when adjusting your rope) and footwear (make sure to wear proper training shoes). 

To start, hold the handles on your sides, aligned with your heels and about 1.5 feet away from your body. Use your forearms to start the rotation but once you have the rhythm going, let your wrists do the work. Remember to land softly—this may take some getting used to—and on the balls of your feet.

Don’t run before you can walk. 

You’re not Manny Pacquiao just yet. Take it slow and focus on finding your rhythm before doing double jumps or crossovers. This level of jumping rope isn’t quite the same as how you did it in elementary school, and you’ll realize that it’s not as easy as when you were chanting “I love you, Mother” back in the day. 

Jumping Rope Will Torch Calories

Much research has pitted jumping rope exercises against jogging. John A. Baker’s comparative study published in Research Quarterly, American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation showed how 10 minutes of regular jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging! It burns more calories, too, and though it’s largely , certain drills can help tone muscle, improve rhythm, and build endurance and stamina. You can also use the rope for other exercises such as core work and flexibility.

Jumping rope, however, can be messy. The rope can collect dust and dirt that can stick to your sweat. Clean your rope and take a proper shower with a great after a workout. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash Total 10 has Activ Silver, which efficiently cleanses and removes problem-causing germs with just a few pumps. You can also try Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, which washes away bacteria while nourishing your skin. NutriumMoisture technology, this body wash will hydrate your skin from within and give you the proper pampering you deserve after a workout.

With all the perks of a jump rope workout, why would you even bother skipping? So, go ahead and take the leap because we’ve reached the end of our rope when it comes to jumping puns, and it’s time for you to start your workout.