Girl taking a bath

Good old soaks rank high on must-try self-care lists. After all, who doesn’t love to relax in a tub of bubbles, flowers, and aromatic oils? Baths are not just good for de-stressing, but they also have beautifying side effects. If this is your kind of thing, try a kawa bath – a trend among travelers and Filipino wellness enthusiasts.

What Is a Kawa Bath?

This type of bath originates from Tibiao, Antique, in the Visayas region. It involves a kawa, a massive cauldron locals use to make molasses. Like the Japanese ofuro bath, the kawa bath is fast gaining popularity not just for its Instagrammable aesthetic. It’s also a pleasant way to relax and unwind. 

How does it work? The hot water must be at a temperature the body can handle, but the magic is in the herbs and flowers in the bath. Kawa baths look pretty, which is why they have attracted a significant following. Some people also add aromatic oils to create a more spa-like atmosphere.

Many people liken the experience to being cooked alive, which is why it can be intimidating to some. However, it delivers many soothing benefits. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Kawa Bath?

Relieving the body of aches and pains is one of the main benefits of a kawa bath. According to a 2018 study in the journal of Evidence-Based Complimentary Medicine, whole-body immersion bathing increases blood flow to various body parts. It lowers stress and refreshes the mind. It can also be especially beneficial if your work involves hours of sitting and little movement.

These baths are also good at getting rid of toxins. The same study notes that increased blood flow encourages detoxification from metabolic waste. This process helps improve mental clarity, boost the immune system, and support organ function, among other things. 

Adding flowers such as and chamomile encourages relaxation while giving your skin a healthy glow. You can throw in various herbs and aromatics, depending on your needs. can help improve your memory. They also have antibacterial properties that can help reduce breakouts. You can also add a few drops of essential oils. Try tea tree oil, which reduces skin inflammation.

Treat yourself to well-deserved . You can recreate the kawa bath by filling your tub with hot water and some Dove Relaxing Lavender Body Wash. This body wash has lavender and rosemary extracts, which have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Indulging in a kawa bath is the spa experience you didn’t know you needed. If you haven’t tried it yet, give yourself a break over the weekend and draw a hot tub. Better yet, head over to Antique, Cavite, Rizal, or Cebu to get the real thing.