Woman listening to music through her headphones and dancing in the living room.

Does it take tremendous willpower to get up and move your body? You’re not alone. The reality is, some people love exercising every day while some don’t. That’s okay because doesn’t have to mean running on a treadmill until you feel woozy. There are many ways to keep your heart rate up, stay flexible, and tone your body. The following simple and fun activities can count as low-impact exercises.

Take Your Fur Baby for a Walk

Your pet is your biggest (and cutest) cheerleader in your journey to good health. Take them out for a stroll at the park, not because you have to move your body, but because they deserve a fun treat. Enjoying nature with your four-legged friend instantly boosts your mood and energy. It’s also a good way to soak up some vitamin D, which keeps your .

If you’re not a pawrent, invite your friend for a leisurely walk. You can catch up, joke around, and spill some hot goss while burning cals. When you’re done, go to a nearby café to get something to eat and bond a little more.

Do House Chores Like a Champ

If there’s one thing more draining than working out, it’s . Since you must do your anyway, make the most of your routine. An hour of tidying the house can burn around , so play some music and tackle each task on your to-do list with vigor.

Do squats when emptying the trash bin and unloading laundry. Work your arm muscles when vacuuming or mopping the floor. Don't forget to squeeze your abs and bums every time you take a step. Before you know it, you’ll have done basic exercises and made your home spick and span.

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Always Take the Stairs

Skipping the elevator is an excellent way to move your body. According to a , climbing stairs helps minimize your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. It also keeps your thigh, backsides, and calves toned. Use the staircase at your office or apartment whenever you can, but don’t push yourself too hard. If your destination is the 24th floor, go up the 20 levels in an elevator. Take it easy, especially if you have chronic back or knee problems.

Get a New Hobby

Fitness enthusiasts often say that to stay committed to an active lifestyle, one must have a sport they truly enjoy. If you’re not the sporty type, you could also engage in physical activity that’s aligned with your interests.

For example, you can try gardening if you like to cook. All that tilling and watering can help work your arms and legs. Want to channel your inner rock star? Try playing the drums, which strengthens your core muscles and improves hand coordination.

Have a Dance Party

TikTok dancing is a full-body workout! According to one study from the , dancing for an hour burns about 600 calories – more than cycling or jogging. It also shakes up any tension and pent-up stress.

You can make dancing an end-of-day ritual to practice self-love. Create an epic dance throwdown playlist on your phone and move your body without a care in the world. Combine all the activities above for a fitter and more energetic you. With practice, you won’t even notice you’re doing them!