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Self-care sounds simple enough, but based on research by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, most people don’t understand what it means. Until now, the consensus assumes that it is an indulgent luxury. We don’t blame you. Years of GMRC and values education classes taught us to be selfless and put others first. But in the past year, the tides have turned. Google searches for “self-care” increased 250% since the onset of the pandemic. Like being on a plane and putting your oxygen mask first before you help anyone, you need to take care of yourself, too. 

 Putting yourself first doesn’t have to be elaborate. After all, even a few minutes of uninterrupted me-time can be rejuvenating. Bathing, for example, is such an ideal but modest expression of pampering: you’re by yourself, you’re relaxed, you can take as long as you need, and you can do it regularly. Treat yourself and turn your bath into a soothing self-care ritual with these tips.

Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Personal Paradise

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place without video calls, deadlines, and kids asking for snacks. Think home spa. Clear up the clutter and stow them away in storage. Nothing will make you want to delay bath time more than the compulsion to organize a messy dresser. Once that’s over, deck out the room with all the tools you need to relax: candles, reeds diffusers, essential oils. Make sure to have a selection of bath bombs, salts, and scrubs.

Other things you might want to consider adding: a stunning bathtub tray to hold your wine glass (of course!) and a cozy houseplant! Foliage, according to NASA, can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. Moreover, numerous studies have shown how indoor plants can inspire focus, stir productivity, decrease stress, and improve mood.

Make It a Part of Your Routine

remains a struggle for many people, which is the reason behind the World Health Organization’s declaration of a Self-Care Month (July) and International Self-Care Day (July 24). It is a reminder to show a little compassion—for yourself. 

If you can't get used to taking care of yourself, train your body by putting it on your schedule. For example, allot 6:30 am every day for bath time. When you do it regularly, it naturally becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Whether you’re showering or lounging in a tub, taking a bath has been proven to stimulate blood flow, ease fatigue, alleviate swelling, and improve breathing. Based on the 2018 study “Physical and Mental Effects of Bathing: A Randomized Intervention Study,” bathing’s effect extends to your mental well-being. 

Additionally, another 2018 study in the Journal of Education and Health Promotion reveals that engaging in regular personal hygiene activities enhances self-esteem. 

Find a Bodywash That Takes Care of You 

As you’re busy taking care of everybody else, it would be nice to find a product that takes care of you. Treat yourself with Dove Care & Protect. A luxurious feeling body soap for dry skin and other skin types, it has Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream that you feel loved and luxurious whether you’re immersed in the tub or taking a quick shower. The twist is that this mild body wash for dry skin is also antibacterial, which is practical nowadays as we emphasize better personal hygiene.

Available as a bar and body wash, Dove Care & Protect washes away 99% bacteria. Its superior formulation of Camellia Sinensis (green tea) and Anti-bac leaves you feeling pampered and protected and your skin feeling nourished and squeaky clean. If studies have proven that bath time boosts your confidence, this bar and body wash will make you more secure knowing you have nothing to worry about.

From the call for self-care to the importance of proper sanitation, bath time has become such an essential daily ritual. So, step inside your bathroom sanctuary, draw a bath, and take care of yourself, you deserve it.