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Getting a tattoo is an exhilarating experience, but after the thrill comes the pain. It can get excruciating, depending on the size of the piece. It’s easy to forget that tattoos are wounds created on the skin with a fast-moving needle, but the stinging that you feel as you walk out of the shop will remind you. If you’re planning on getting one, here are some tattoo aftercare tips so your ink heals just right.

Post-Procedure Care

Since tattoos are wounds, they are susceptible to infection. Hiring a reputable and licensed tattoo artist is vital. A little bit of stalking can’t hurt. Make sure that all the tools they use are new and sterilized to avoid issues. Doing this before anything else can help save you a lot of trouble and pain post-procedure.

After getting a tattoo, Harvard Health recommends removing the bandage within three to five hours. Most tattoo shops will apply a transparent, non-adhesive, medical-grade film over the wound. It is the first step in the healing process, but it shouldn’t stay on too long. After removing the film, wash your hands with soap and water, then gently wash the tattooed skin. Pat it dry with a clean paper or cloth towel. Repeat this procedure three to four times a day for four days.

Caring for Skin as It Heals

Some peeling, flaking, and itching might occur as the skin heals. Avoid picking at the wound. You might feel tempted to scratch the surrounding area but don’t. Keep your skin hydrated during this time to .

Use Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, which nourishes the skin with NutriumMoisture technology. It    and helps the skin retain its natural moisture. Be careful not to snag the flaking skin accidentally in the bath. If you experience redness or swelling or if you develop a fever, then call your doctor immediately.

After showering, let the skin air dry for a few minutes, and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original. It protects the skin and helps it stay healthy. This product is suitable for and the protection of minor cuts and wounds.

Keep your skin healthy, especially after getting a tattoo. If you want your ink to look its best always, then follow these tattoo aftercare tips.