Asian woman on a paddle board under the moon and stars.

The moon has long been associated with mysticism and spirituality – but does it affect your beauty routine? “Moonology,” the newest trend to hit the wellness scene, claims it does. Enthusiasts believe that aligning self-care with the moon cycle can help you get the pampering you deserve. But how exactly does this process work, and should you start practicing it?

What Is Moon Cycle Self-Care?

According to astrology, the moon cycle carries different energies that affect living beings. The moon’s eight phases inevitably influence how you feel, physically and emotionally. Moon cycle self-care is about understanding and going with the flow to improve overall well-being.

The Moon and Your Body

The moon and its phases get a bad rap, thanks in part to superstitious tales and the occasional mention in Teen Wolf. It doesn’t help that the word “lunatic,” which translates to “moonstruck” in Latin, is used to describe someone who is driven to madness. According to , people believed that the moon influenced diseases such as epilepsy, rheumatism, and fevers until around 1700. Thankfully, those days are over.

A 2016 published in the Frontiers of Pediatrics notes no proof to support these claims. The only significant finding was how sleep duration decreases by five minutes during a full moon, but it emphasizes that this is not a considerable threat to health.

However, as more research is conducted on the subject, contradictory findings arise. A gathered that people slept later and for less time in the week before the full moon – without citing possible reasons. 

Ancient civilizations also believed that the moon cycle had an impact on female fertility, menstruation in particular. Although there’s no scientific relation between the two, one study spanning 15 years found that women’s cycles with the phases of the moon.

Another study revealed that if your menstrual cycle starts during the dark period (when the moon is waning), you would suffer . But with Netflix and the internet also actively gunning for that title, it sounds like a stretch. Or, as Pinoys would say, suntok sa buwan.

Should Moon Phases Affect Your Beauty Routine?

The current interest in moon cycle self-care is more hinged on astrology than biology. Moonology aligns self-care with the : new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle.

In astrology, the new moon is a time to initiate beginnings (yes, like in the Twilight Saga). According to the book Moon Astrology: Using the Moon's Signs and Phases to Enhance Your Life, this is . Slow down and listen to your body’s needs as it prepares for a new cycle. You can also try making new beauty resolutions or adding a step to your skincare routine to achieve your goal.

The first quarter moon is about energy.

The first quarter moon or waxing crescent brings energy and movement. Just as the moon moves towards its full brightness, so should you. Go outdoors and spend time in nature. Start an energizing , like and morning yoga.

The full moon is for celebration and balance.

The full moon stands for balance, satisfaction, and completion. Take this time to show appreciation for yourself, celebrate your body, and embrace your beauty. by simply taking your time.

The book suggests taking a full-moon beauty bath, complete with dried flowers you picked yourself. Cleanse your skin with Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, which moisturizes the surface of the skin and leaves your body soft, smooth, and well cared for with regular use. If you have sensitive skin, use Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, a sulfate-free, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free product that’s gentle on the skin.

The last quarter moon brings freedom and wisdom.

Finally, the last quarter moon represents old age and wisdom. It’s about facing your fears and freeing yourself of negative patterns and thoughts. For your beauty routine, think of it as a period of detoxification. Examine your regimen and cut products and steps that don’t serve your body. Maybe and hair products and cut back on to reset your mind.

While the science is a little patchy, there’s no harm in aligning your self-care routine with the moon cycle, especially if it makes you more attuned to your body and its needs. Just be sure to keep things grounded by consulting your dermatologist for persistent skin concerns.