Full-figured Asian woman smiling and posing along train tracks.

A voluptuous body comes with ups and downs – most of them you can’t control. Society will always have impossible standards. People will always have something to say. You can’t make them change their minds, but you can take charge of yours. Here are a few reminders to keep you confident and appreciative of your body amid all the noise. Remember, it may be many things, but it is not any of these.

It’s Not a Trend

“Butts are in, boobs are out.” “Belly rolls are hot.” “Thigh gaps are overrated...for now!”

The internet is quick to announce the next big trend, even at the expense of women’s body image and mental health. While the representation of full-figured women (the definition of which is a bit vague) in mainstream media is a massive win, beware of brands who use them recklessly for clout or likes. Your voluptuous body is not a trend. You will never and should never go out of style.

It’s Not Up For Scrutiny

Any time you post a photo on social media or attend an aunt’s birthday party, you’re bound to encounter people who will . “Kailan ka magpapapayat?” is not something you deserve or should tolerate. Your voluptuous body is not a conversation piece or an icebreaker that people can casually comment on. Of course, you don’t need to be combative all the time. Stand up to bullies and well-meaning but tactless loved ones on your own terms. You can even laugh it off, as long as you know your worth.

It’s Not Something to Apologize For

It’s very Filipino, not to mention feminine, to say sorry for the slightest things. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “Sorry can I get a bigger size of these jeans?” in a public fitting room. While you may be saying it out of habit, it still reinforces the mindset that being a bigger size or having a is shameful. If you start feeling self-conscious in a crowded elevator or the MRT, remind yourself that you have every right to take up space and there’s no reason to feel dyahe.

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It’s Not a Statement

“Pick a stand, any stand,” the internet says. There’s so much pressure to fight for a cause or be involved in the bigger picture that people can forget it’s okay to just be. In a society that’s -obsessed, don’t feel pressured to make a political statement with your body. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to these things. Quietly celebrating your body is just as valid as posting a photo on social media. 

It’s Not a Flaw

Sadly, the most common misconception about the voluptuous body is that you must fix it. All human beings are built differently. Genetics, sex, and ethnicity are the main determining factors of body type. While lifestyle, fitness level, and age also eventually contribute. Sometimes, no amount of dieting or exercise can change body shape and that’s okay. If you have a voluptuous body, know that you don’t have to “do anything about it.”

Having a voluptuous body is having a body. Through the years, we may have assigned more meaning to it than necessary. When the reality is, your size, shape, or the numbers on the scale don’t matter. Being healthy and happy – not for anyone else but yourself – is what counts.