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Some time ago, growing up meant having freedom, your own place, a job, and your hard-earned money – which all seemed like loads of fun when you were 16. However, the term takes a different turn when you're a grown-up. You need vital life skills to sustain your house, career, and finances. When you reach a certain age, there are just some things you need to master. Call this article Adulting 101, if you will, but here are some of those competencies that can help you get through the real world.

Understanding Real Estate

Choosing a home is a challenging business. It’s not just about picking the best-looking condo. It’s a serious investment that requires planning, accounting, and foresight. It also calls for a lot of paperwork. You need to budget not just for payments but maintenance. Your air-conditioner gets an upkeep every six months. Your grease trap needs cleaning every three months. There are so many little details you need to internalize so you better polish your organizational abilities.

Performing House Chores

One of the most rewarding things about being an adult is gathering Pinterest boards for your first apartment and turning that into a beautiful reality. But it's only one side of things. You must put some elbow grease to make it Instagram-level photogenic.

Many households usually have some assistance when it comes to housework, but learning to sweep, scrub, do laundry, and remove stains properly is a seriously underrated life skill. You don’t have to worry about the latter two too much with  Rexona Advanced Brightening + Anti Stain Deodorant Roll-On. Thanks to its vitamin-filled formulation, it brightens the skin and prevents sweat from staining your shirts.

Here’s another reason to clean up: according to the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, tidying up is good for the brain and makes you feel accomplished and in control.

Re-Learning Home Economics

Pay attention in school. You may not always use the Pythagorean Theorem in your daily life, but cooking and sewing can take you a long way. These courses seem silly in grade school, but they can make your life so much easier come adulthood.

You don’t have to create a gown or make a five-course gourmet meal, but how handy is it to sew a hem, mend a button, or cook rice?


Politics doesn’t just refer to voting for your house representative or picking a party list. Understanding politics means knowing how to navigate through life when you want to get ahead. You typically need this skill in the workplace.

The first step to nailing life’s politics is to set standards and be firm with your values. Figure out the things you stand for. This way, you are better equipped to compromise and negotiate and you won’t easily be .

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Practice First Aid

You can’t always yell “saklolo” when an accident occurs. You may not even have time to YouTube what to do if someone breaks an ankle. Adulting 101 means learning how to do basic first aid, such as tying a tourniquet, using a splint, performing the Heimlich maneuver, and carrying out CPR.

You should also know how to handle simple burns, treat common ailments (from colds to skin rash), and stop bleeding. Don’t forget to wash your hands with LIFEBUOY Antibacterial Handwash Total 10  before doing any of this.  save lives.

Exercise Self-Care

When you were young, you probably thought that stepping on the gas was the way to win in life. It’s a reasonable assumption. After all, you were likely filled with seemingly unlimited energy in your youth.

But Adulting 101 teaches you that stopping and recharging are the . You need to  to take care of everything else. Do things you love. Use up your leaves. Take more than two minutes to shampoo your hair. Reward yourself.