Smiling woman in pink tank top showing one of her underarms.

Everyone loves a good hack, especially one that helps you save money. You’ve heard of using baby powder as dry shampoo, but did you know some people also use it to keep their pits dry? The multipurpose gem that your mom used to dust on your face after every shower is now making waves as a potential sweat-stopping savior. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s break down the science behind it.

What’s in Baby Powder?

The two main ingredients in baby powder are talcum and fragrance. The former is made of talc, the softest mineral known to exist. Due to its excellent moisture-absorbing properties, talc is often used in antiperspirants and cosmetic products like and .

Many manufacturers include oils in their baby powder to moisturize the skin. Additionally, they make the overall texture of the powder smoother and easier to apply. Some oils, like chamomile or , also have calming effects and can help reduce irritation.

Baby Powder as Antiperspirant: Does It Work?

Since baby powder contains talc, it can keep your underarms cool and dry for a short period. However, it works a little differently than antiperspirants and deodorants. Baby powder absorbs moisture and masks odor rather than actively preventing sweat production. Meanwhile, the aluminum in antiperspirants actively blocks the sweat glands, which means your longer.

If you have hyperhidrosis or , you’ll need to apply a copious amount of powder on your armpits. It can also get messy and leave unsightly white clumps on your skin.

The Best Ways to Control Underarm Sweat

Sweat is a part of life, but too much of it can lead to discomfort. Baby powder is only a temporary solution for wet armpits and there are far more effective methods for controlling perspiration.

1. Apply your antiperspirant at night.

Applying your deodorant at night gives the product ample time to work its way into the skin and effectively plug your sweat glands while you’re . But before you do, make sure your underarms are clean and dry. Aluminum can’t penetrate wet skin, so swiping deodorant on sweaty underarms won’t work. Plus, it’s unsanitary.

To keep sweat at bay, skip the baby powder and use a real deodorant like Rexona Roll On Deodorant Powder Dry Brightening. It’s made with Active Shield technology for 72-hour sweat and odor protection and has a soft, fresh scent that keeps your underarms smelling good.

2. Cleanse with antibacterial soap.

What causes putok sa kili-kili? Body odor happens when bacteria break down sweat and release a pungent compound called thioalcohol. Using an antibacterial body wash twice a day can help minimize BO. Look for one with ingredients like triclosan or which can effectively target and kill odor-causing bacteria.

3. Try shaving (or trimming!)

Armpit hair can trap moisture, making it the perfect nest for accumulating sweat. The fuzz can also impede the effectiveness of your antiperspirant since it creates a filter between the formula and your skin. If you want to cut sweat, . Use a sharp razor and shaving cream to prevent

Prefer to ? That’s fine, too. You can use a small pair of scissors to cut the hair as short as you’d like. Besides, trimming is less irritating than shaving – an alternative for .

TL;DR: Baby powder can absorb excess sweat on your underarms but it’s not a substitute for antiperspirants. While it may have its benefits, it’s not as practical and effective. You're better off sticking to underarm care products formulated for this purpose.