Asian woman happy and confident at the office

Developing your authentic self is becoming increasingly essential in this Influencer Age. So much information – most of which you didn't ask for – must be absorbed. They shape your dreams, opinions, and desires. Reconnecting with your values and goals to discern what makes you truly happy can keep you grounded. Here are a few ways to do it.

At Work

Being your authentic self at work can be challenging. With numerous tasks to accomplish, teammates to jive with, and bosses to please, your true self can easily take a backseat out of necessity. Your “adaptive self,” which prioritizes fitting in and being agreeable, takes over in these cases.

Your adaptive self is not necessarily a bad version of you. However, according to the author of Outsmart Your Smartphone: Conscious Tech Habits for Finding Happiness, Balance, and Connection IRL, Dr. Tchiki Davis, Ph.D., suppressing it has side effects. These include loneliness, , and a feeling of purposelessness.

It begins with self-awareness and being driven by your values and emotions. It’s also about knowing and owning your skills. You’re good at something? Don’t hide it. Let your talents shine. Harvard Business, however, warns that in the office setting, rules and norms are still kings. So be you, but also, be careful. Finding your authentic self is not your license to live with reckless abandon.

In a Relationship

According to Dr. Davis, developing authenticity in a relationship starts with and compassion for others. Having self-love lets you acknowledge your feelings for what they are and know that they are valid. It helps you understand that it’s okay to value your and make decisions based on what makes you happy. It’s not selfishness, but awareness of your worth.

She adds that it also helps to let go of thoughts and patterns that longer serve you. Toxic beliefs, grudges, and unhealthy patterns can hold you back from creating meaningful connections with others. Communication and frequent, honest check-ins also work.

On Your Own

Do your values shift when you’re alone with yourself? A study published in the Frontiers in Psychology Journal states that authenticity is also about continuity. Looking at your authentic self as a work in progress keeps you from becoming static, which, the paper notes, is suboptimal. Being true to yourself is a result of continuous self-assessment and reflection.

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Your journey towards developing your authentic self is one of discovery and continuous learning. Finding it may help you reassess your goals, values, and sources of happiness to live a more meaningful life.