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There’s a lot to enjoy about hitting the big 3-0. Your savings are stacking up, people take you more seriously, and a trip to IKEA is a zillion times more fun. It’s almost as if you’ve and the whole shebang the moment those candles are blown out, right? Sorry to be a buzzkill but you can’t undergo some kind of magical metamorphosis overnight. If anything, your biggest fear might feel like it's grown as you reach this milestone.

It's true that you already survived the quarter-life crisis in your 20s, and you’re grateful to have it in the rearview mirror. But as it turns out, research says that thirtysomethings are than the younger generation and the retirees. Talk about a rude awakening.

If you’re freaking out over turning 30 or currently navigating your third decade of life, you’re not alone. These Filipinas share their biggest fears, hopes, and advice to help you make the most of your journey into adulthood.

“I’m Not Ready for the Next Stage of My Life”

For most women, the age of 30 hangs above their heads like a deadline. Have you backpacked across Europe? Are you in ? Do you own a business? The pressure to tick off these checkboxes weighs heavier with each passing day, something that Nikki knows all too well.

Being in her early thirties has left her questioning the direction of her life. “It’s hard to move forward without the assurance that everything will be alright and I can’t rely on people to ‘save’ me anymore,” she reveals. “There’s no coming back from any mistake, and I’m not ready to accept it.”

Slowly but surely, she’s learning to embrace her biggest fear and ask for help when needed. Self-help books, spiritual guidance, and surrounding herself with inspiring people have all taught her to be open and present. “Life is difficult. But ultimately, do what your heart desires, even if it doesn’t make sense.”

“I Don’t Have a Place I Can Call My Own”

Living alone in a bustling city is a dream most young female professionals picked up from characters like Carrie Bradshaw and her gang. The newfound independence looks glamorous for like Donna, who’s on the precipice of her late twenties. However, financial worries keep her from becoming a homeowner. 

“I'm working really hard to save some money so I can finally invest in my own home. But given the prices of properties and inflation, it can be quite difficult.” Plus, with the high cost of living, it’s easy to be caught up in the daily grind.

“I know work can get busy, but whenever there’s an opportunity, I shift my focus on whatever makes me happy,” she adds. “Don’t dwell on expectations of others. My advice is to always take care of yourself first. Trust that everything will work out eventually.”

As Donna puts it, a little can go a long way. Simple pleasures such as taking a long, relaxing shower are enough to recharge you. Wash your hair with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo that has biotin and aloe vera. It deeply nourishes your strands and helps them grow stronger.

“What If I Haven’t Done Enough?”

Jan Lynn, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, is no stranger to . While she’s doing her best in her career and personal life, sometimes she can’t help but wonder if she’s falling short.

“My biggest fear is not doing anything significant enough to define myself as ‘successful.’ And even if I do, I worry I won’t have anyone to share it with. On the flip side, what if I haven’t accomplished enough to maintain a ? These three things are interconnected, and they put me in a constant state of worry.”

Since she opened her own yoga and jiu-jitsu studio, Jan has found her footing. Managing her business and teaching children’s classes have brought a sense of purpose to her life. “Teaching may not bring financial success but knowing that I left an impact on these kids’ lives makes me feel like I’ve achieved something worthwhile. The rest will follow.”

To other tricenarians who are battling similar fears, Jan shares her pearls of wisdom. “Just go for it. Sure, lots of things can go wrong but also a bunch of them can go right.”If you need a quick , do some power poses and practice your most charming smile. While you’re at it, brush your teeth with closeup Gel Toothpaste with Antibacterial Zinc Red Hot. It has antibacterial zinc that blasts away 99.9% of bacteria for a long-lasting minty fresh breath.

“Days Gone By Too Fast”

In your 20s, you might have thought you had plenty of time to settle down, climb the corporate ladder, and create many memories. Suddenly, you’re 30 and can’t stop thinking about preschool tuition, taxes, and death. “Lately, we’ve been seeing our grandparents dying in their 90s, so mortality and self-preservation have been looping on my mind,” confesses Sarah, a thirtysomething editor and mother of two.

Juggling the demands of parenthood and professional life can feel like riding a broken seesaw. The only solution? Accept that you can’t win ‘em all.

“Because I don’t have a lot of time for everything I do, I make time. Right now, I’m trying to live better – from eating healthier and working out to removing toxicity,” she explains. “I won’t always be this strong, after all.”

“I’m Getting Older, And So Is My Physique”

Like Sarah, Inha’s biggest fear is aging. Her body is not as resilient as it was. Her skin bears the marks of time. And as a woman, she’s constantly reminded of her biology clock.
“I’m not sure if I want to have kids in my early thirties. I still feel like I’m not ready for it.”

Nevertheless, Inha is determined to not let numbers dictate the course of her life. “I have decided to respect and embrace my own timeline so I wouldn’t be pressured to make important life choices.” She also takes charge of her health by upping her fitness game and incorporating healthier food into her diet, which benefits her skin as well. “I’m very religious when it comes to skincare,” she admits.

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You don’t have to overcome your biggest fear. It’s a very natural, even helpful, emotion. Welcome your next decade with big, open arms. Throw yourself a big bash. Take lots of pictures and hang them proudly on your wall. Lastly, raise your glass and cheers to being 30, flirty, and thriving.