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Your physique is yours alone. No matter how similar your body looks to another person’s, your physical makeup comes together differently. To achieve your healthiest weight, looking into exercises that can help you reach your ideal body composition is crucial.

At its most basic, based on UC Davis Health, body composition is how you break down your fat, bone, and muscle into percentages. Compared to the easier Body Mass Index, which doesn’t differentiate between essential and dangerous fat and doesn’t take into account lifestyle, healthy diet, genetics, and existing conditions, a body composition evaluation considers your body fat against your muscle mass. Knowing this ratio allows you to make a better health assessment and, consequently, a more specific plan to be healthier.

There are many ways to do a body composition analysis, including a bioelectrical impedance, which releases a subtle electric current through the body and uses voltage to calculate its resistance. You can purchase such monitors through your friendly online shopping platform.

Recommended Body Composition Exercises

Once you measure your body composition, you can consult with a physician and trainer to create a fitness program to help you reach your ideal weight. Just to get things going, however, here are some exercises that anyone can do, regardless of their lifestyle and physical condition.

1. Burn with burpees.

Burpees are well-loved (or well-hated, depending on who’s doing the workout) because they’re high intensity, which means you only have to do them for a short period, and they require . They can also be adjusted according to intensity. Considered an explosive workout, burpees also burn calories and build strength. 

2. Run in intervals.

Distance running is great exercise, but if you want to up the burn, try changing your program with interval training. Once you’re sufficiently warmed up and stretched, start slow on the treadmill. Do a 30-second 4 mph walk, then immediately amp the level to 8 mph for one minute. Do this alternately for a total of 10 minutes. Interval training will keep your heart rate up and your body to burn calories long till you’re off the machine.

3. Alternate your workouts.

Some people are more inclined to do , while others prefer strength training. It’s ideal to find the balance in between, not only to give your muscles time to recover but also to work your body comprehensively. For example, you can dedicate Monday to spinning class or a quick jog to start the week. On Wednesdays, you can do circuit training. Maybe on Fridays, you pump a bit of iron. The weekends can be reserved for fun body composition exercises that combine a bit of all three. 

4. Drop and give yourself 50!

Did you know that actor and athlete Derek Ramsay swears by the effects of this classic exercise? He has credited his physique in numerous interviews to his daily practice of 100 push-ups. You don’t have to go that far. You can start small and in a modified position (with your knees on the floor) until you build your strength. Push-ups are ideal for improving your core muscles and shoulders.

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5. Integrate squat jumps in your day-to-day activities.

Make your squats extra explosive by jumping up when you get out of the lowered position. Do this on repeat for 45 seconds, then take a 15-second breather before starting again. Perform five reps. You can add this to your regular workout, or you can embed it in your , such as when you need to pick up your son’s toys. Squats challenge your core and lower body, but adding jumps at the end makes them more high intensity and will help you burn more calories. 

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Forget about looking at someone else’s body as a peg. Listen to your own and figure out how to make your fitness goals tailored to your unique physical makeup. The perfect body is a healthy one, and these body composition exercises will help you get there.

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